Light Source Soft Optical Fiber Cable Dia 4 mm x 1.8 m

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Fiber optic cable for transmitting light. Very sustainable and practical.


This is an optical fiber cable. This cable contains optical fiber that has length of 1800 mm. This piece of optical fiber is used to carry light. The optical fiber is a transparent and flexible fiber that is made out of silica (extruded glass) and it is slightly thicker than hair on our head. This fiber functions as a light pipe in the optic cable, and its function is to transmit the light from one end to another. All of the optical fiber elements are individually coated with a couple of plastic layers and then put inside a protective tube that is suitable for all kinds of places where the cable needs to be put through. This fiber optic cable is used for conducting light in non-straight lines and through rooms that do not have a straight shape. The light in this fiber optic cable travels through the hallway (core of the cable) by bouncing from the mirrored walls inside. This principle is called total internal reflection. The cladding does not absorb any amount of the light, and this enables the light to travel as long as the cable lasts. 


Fiber length:  1800 mm

Interface size: Ø4 mm

N.W.:  0.24 Kg

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