Giant Brown Dog Mascot Costume

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Want to get your kids a dog but your building’s policy allows no dogs? Well, this Giant Brown Dog Mascot Costume is the next best thing!

    A dog is a man’s best friend – a loyal companion who will always be at your side, protecting you and caring for you. On top of that, they are cute and cuddly! Unfortunately, not everyone’s living conditions are ideal for getting a puppy. They need their space and can be quite unhappy living confined in small spaces like apartments. There is an alternative though! Getting a Giant Brown Dog Mascot Costume for your child is the best possible alternative for this kind of a situation!

    Our brown dog costume is very cute, lovable and thanks to the quality material that is used for its exterior, the kids can hug it and cuddle with it. It is a perfect surprise for birthdays and other parties! If you want to really entertain your kid and his/her friends then bring a giant brown dog to the party! You will be the center of attention, and the kids will surely have fun!

     The Giant Brown Dog Mascot Costume is lightweight, which means that it is easy to wear and that the shipping isn’t too costly. Vision is also crucial – you don’t want to stumble on one of the kids while entertaining them! This is why we’ve designed the head so that it provides great vision and proper ventilation as well. Finally, the costume is washable so you will not have to throw it away after a couple of uses due to the smell. We’ve thought of everything in order to provide you and your kids with a costume that is of highest possible quality. Feel free to contact us today for further details!

  • Size

S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Please refer to the Size Chart. If you choose customized size or children's size, please .

  • Included Accessories

Comes with separate mascot head, mascot body (with tail, if applicable), gloves and shoe covers (waterproof and skid-proof).

  • Materials

Mascot head:  Made of one piece poly foam to prevent against breakage if accidentally dropped. Much lighter than mascot head made of other materials.

Mascot body:

                   Outer fabric: Made of high quality plush

                   Filling materials: Polypropylene cotton

                   Lining materials: Polyester taffeta 

  • Cleaning Instructions

Please read at least three times before cleaning, make sure you know whether your costume is fur or foam.

Spot clean with a damp rag. For a complete cleaning, we suggest dry-clean.

Mascot head: Use upholstery spray foam cleaner or mild detergent and damp sponge. DO NOT soak or immerse in water

Mascot body:             

                   Fur Costumes: Dry-clean, hand wash or use large front loading commercial machine.

                                          Use cold water and mild detergent. Hang dry, DO NOT use heat to dry!              

                   Foam Costumes: Dry-clean only.

  • Shipping Weight

8 lbs.

  • Shipping Time for Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes will be shipped in 3-7 business days upon clear payment, and another 4-7 business days to arrive for most destinations. Total time will be 7-14 business days. Tracking number will be provided as soon as we ship. If it is a customized or your designed costume, we need 4 more days to process your order.

  • Shipping and Handling Rate

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