Melting Point Apparatus with Microscope X-4 220 V

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Built with tight tolerances and made for precision, this device provides very accurate melting-point measurements and comes with a microscope.

  Melting-point Apparatus with Microscope X-4 220 V


When performing test or experiments it is very important to be precise, and this is why only the best made equipment can be used to produce reliable results. Our professional Melting-point apparatus can be used with a variety of measurement methods, and has an integrated microscope with 10x and 4x magnification options. It can measure the melting points of substances in the range of anywhere from room temperature to 320°C, and can be easily and reliably adjusted based on the user's needs. It has a small digital display and intuitive commands, which enable clear and highly precise readings. The entire device weighs 3.5 kg, but is not very large and can easily be moved or stored when not in use. This Melting-point apparatus is the perfect tool for professionals in the different industries, including pharmaceuticals and textile. For any additional information on the dimension and functions of this device, please refer to the technical details provided below.


1. Measurement of melting point of substances

2. To be used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, textile industry, dyestuff with microscope

3. Capillary, slide or cover-glass measurement methods can be used

Technical Specification

Melting-point Measurement Range room temperature: - 320°C
Repeatability < 200°C: 1°C ;  200-300°C: 2°C
Optic Magnification 10X (Eye lens)    4X(Objective lens)
Gross Weight 3.5 kg
Overall Dimensions 300 × 220 × 440 mm
Operation Voltage AC 220 V ± 22 V, 50 Hz