Micro-Plate Thermo Incubator MT70-2 RT. +5~70 degree capacity: 2 x 96

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This Thermo Micro-Plate Incubator is an essential part of every laboratory that conducts analysis on the cellular level. With great appearance, accuracy and user-friendly features, it’s the most efficient instrument for examining microbiological cultures.

   Incubators are of crucial importance to every analysis conducted in laboratory conditions. They are primarily used in branches of medicine that research cultures on the cellular level, like microbiology and cell biology.  At proper temperature and humidity, incubators form an artificial environment for cultivating cells and microbiological cultures. There are many different variations of this instrument, according to the purpose and subject of examination. Micro-Plate incubator is a special form of incubators that operate on a micro processing technique combined with PID control. This kind of incubator is used for enzyme label plate as well as for cell culture plate, each of them treated under the appropriate temperature. The plates are exposed to heating from both sides which is important for achieving the wanted correspondence between the set and the actual temperature. Besides its fundamental function, this incubator offers multitude of convenient features and settings. LCD screen presents the serviceable interface that is simple to operate with, and displays the set and actual temperature at the same time, as well as time of process and shaking speed, all controlled with microprocessor with great accuracy.  The sound alarm informs that the operation is finished. The uncomplicated handling and maintaining makes this incubator an efficient and much needed instrument for every laboratory.  


1,LCD display, set and actual temperature display simultaneously, time and shaking speed.

2, User friendly touch operation interface, the streamlined fuselage, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning.

3, Two-side heating of micro plates that allows achieving exact correspondence of the set and actual temperature in wells of the micro plates.

4, The microprocessor controls the time and temperature, good linearity, temperature oscillation speed accuracy, small fluctuation.

5, Can configure 2 standard microtiter plates and plates, alarm signal after operation ends.

Technical Specification

Model MT70-2 MT60-4
Specification Thermo incubator Thermo incubator
Temperature Control Range RT+5 to 70°C RT+5 to 60°C
Block temperature uniformity ≤Â?.5°C
Temperature Control Accuracy ≤Â?.2°C
Heating platform temperature accuracy <0.3°C (detect at 37°C)
Heating Time    
Timing Range 0-99h59min
Capacity 2 pieces plates 4 pieces plates
Power 150W 250W
Dimension ( LxWxH) 290X270X135 380X390X160

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