Pulse Battery Spot Welder Machine 18 KVA 3500A 0.1 - 0.25mm

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The Dual Pulse Spot Welder PR50 is a welding station that has a universal pen. This is a state of the art machine capable of many things.  

   The Dual Pulse Spot Welder PR50 is the most popular welder currently on the market, and some people have even stated that it is in fact the best spot welder ever to be created. This can be backed up by the fact that the PR50 Spot welding machine is the welder with the most units sold in the east Asia. The PR50 Microcomputer pedal control spot welder features many good characteristics that have made this tool very useful both for professionals and home workers. This welding station has rapid spot welding ability because of the micro computer chip with fine control.  With this model, you can weld plated nickel steel, iron plates and other metal sheets and terminal lines with rapid pulse welding mode. However, pure nickel sheet and copper are a bit more difficult to weld. This machine has high speed and high precision eight bit microprocessor that allows rapid welding. With the LED digital display, you can check how the welding operation is going. Besides all of these abilities, the welder is also very adjustable. You can adjust pulse energy precision, pulse frequency number and preload time. You can also lock the adjustments when you see fit. 

Main technical characteristics :

(1) AC double pulse welding

(2) Control mode:

High speed and high precision 8 bit microprocessor (MCU) control, LED digital display, pulse energy precision adjustable (0-999 ‰), adjustable pulse frequency number (0 to 8), adjustable preloading time (0 to 8), parameter locking function. Easy to operate, save time to adjust machine, it is suitable for different operating environments and operators.

(3) Multiple fault protections

(4) Precision welding head design:

Combined cylinder and spring buffer; adopt photoelectric pressure switch inside the machine head.

(5) Unique structure:

Conveniently and accurately adjusts the position by steplessly lifting the table and hand-screwed locking mode

Unified design, pneumatic operation, easy operation.



Power 18KVA 
Secondary side welding current  3500A 
Secondary floating voltage 5.5V
Input voltage 220V/110V,one phase
Input frequency 50HZ
Max working air pressure  6KG
Welding control foot switch
Net weight 30KG
Size  L400mm X W220mm X H360mm
Welding capability normally: 0.1 - 0.2mm
bump thickness: 0.1mm - 0.25mm


2 butt-pin; 0.1mm and 0.2mm thickness of nickel belt, 50cm respectively; one 2 meters trachea of diameter 8mm.


This machine needs an external air compressor of which the press should be over 2.5P. You need to deploy it by yourself.

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