Motorized Ball Valve- 1/2" Steel Electric Ball Valve by U.S. Solid

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This ½” Stainless Steel motorized ball valve is Full Port, with food grade stainless steel. It has a standard 3 prong plug. The U.S. Solid Motorized Ball Valve is easy to use, reliable, and long lasting with up to 100,000 cycles. Runs on 110V of AC power.
This motorized ball valve by U.S. Solid is a quintessential device for any tinkerer or DIY enthusiast. Motorized ball valves are very energy efficient and reliable. This model expends NO energy once fully opened or fully closed. This means it can be hooked up ad nauseum with no risk of overheating. This ½ in stainless steel model opens or closes fully in just 3-5 seconds. To switch between opening and closing, simply reverse the polarity. This can be achieved manually, or by using a switch. There are a wide variety of possible applications for motorized ball valves. They can be used in different home automation tasks. This stainless steel model is especially helpful to home breweries. The food grade stainless steel makes it an excellent choice for fermented liquids; it is both safe for drinkable mediums, and consistent enough to help you make replicable batches. As a bonus, this valve can be opened or closed only partially, using an Arduino or other control system. This is a great alternative when flow needs restricted but not completely shutoff.
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