Multi-Tube Vortexer DMT-2500

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Equip your laboratory with a brand new Multi-Tube Vortexer, perfect for storing and analyzing various types of liquid samples.  


   Our Joyfay Multi-Tube Vortexer will fit perfectly in any chemical or biochemical lab, and will accurately analyze any sample you need. This machine can process up to 50 samples. It also has a built in two operation mode, and you can select various accessories in order to meet your mixing needs. The name of the model is DMT-2500, and it has a speed range of 500-2500rpm, in addition to speed accuracy of ±50rpm (at 2500rpm detection). It has a working diameter of 4mm and its maximum load capacity is 5kg. The dimensions of this machine are 245x416x410 mm and it weighs 21.5kg. 100-230V 50/60Hz 60W is the power capacity of this extraordinary device. When purchasing, bear in mind that this price only includes one (φ12mm, DMT-B) tube frame. In the event that you need additional and different tube frames, you can refer to our tube frame chart below. Once you make your order, it will take 4 or 5 days for that order to be processed, afterwards, the item is shipped and it will take up to 3 or 5 days until it is delivered. However, for someone living in South America or some of the European countries, shipping can take up to 8 or 15 days.




1, Can process 50 samples at once to make the experiment more convenient and efficient.

2, Simple operation panel and Microprocessor control, LED display speed and time.

3, Humanized program design, built-in two operation modes: short mix and fixed timing, stable and quite.

4, Random standard 12mm foam tube frame, the tray pad. A variety of models of foam test tube rack for option.


Technical Specification

Model DMT-2500 Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer
Speed range 500-2500rpm
Speed accuracy ±50rpm (at 2500rpm detection)
Timing range 1s-9999min
Working diameter 4mm
Maximum load 5kg
top panel size 311x184 mm
Dimensions 245x416x410 mm
Weight 21.5kg
Power 100-230V 50/60Hz 60W

Optional accessories



Above price includes one tube frame (φ12mm, DMT-B) and Tray Pad Set (Upper & Lower). If you want to order more tube frames please refer to the price below and contact us.

Type Detail holes Dimension (mm) Price (USD)
DMT-A 50 x Φ10mm tube frame 50 245×132×45 mm 17.99
DMT-B 50 x Φ12mm tube frame 50 245×132×45 mm 17.99
DMT-C 50 x Φ13mm tube frame 50 245×132×45 mm 17.99
DMT-D 50 x Φ16mm tube frame(15ml tube) 50 245×132×45 mm 17.99
DMT-E 15 x Φ25mm tube frame 15 245×132×45 mm 17.99
DMT-F 15 x Φ29mm tube frame(50ml tube) 15 245×132×45 mm 17.99
DMT-H Tray Pad Set (Upper & Lower) / 305×178.5×25 mm