Natural Agate Mortar and Pestle ID=50 mm 2" OD=60 mm Lab Grinding

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A set containing a mortar and a pestle to be used in laboratory grinding. Made out of natural agate, it is suitable for mixing inorganic material.

   Mortar and pestle sets are highly useful in any laboratory and any other situation where fine grinding is required. While they are hand operated, they allow the user more control over the components than an automatic grinder would. This is probably the most ancient of the devices that one might find in a laboratory. No other device has been used for such a long time as a mortar and a pestle.
Agate is one of the best materials to be used in making mortars, because of its low contamination value. Agate will not contaminate the material that is being ground, while porcelain or metal mortars might.

   These sets of mortars and pestles are used widely and have a few applications. Most notably, they are used for scientific experiments to ground solids into powder which will later on be used for testing. Also, they find their application in kitchens with many famous chefs, who use agate mortars and pestles to make sure that the food prepared is not being contaminated in any way.

                 The mortars and pestles come with free shipping throughout the United States.

Product Features

  • Made of Pure natural agate
  • Very chemically resistant and neutral.
  • Ideal for mixing inorganic compounds.


  • Product Dimensions:
    Internal diameter: 50 mm (2")
    External diameter: 60 mm (2.4")
    Depth: 12 mm (0.5")
    Height: 24 mm (0.9")
  • Packing Size: 120 * 90 * 35 (mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 230 g (0.5 lbs)
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