New Biological Indicator Incubator MINIB-100P RT.+5~100 degree

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The MINIB-100P is a small sized and light weight biological incubator suitable for various lab processes.

We present the MINIB-100P biological indicator incubator for supporting equipment. Its compact size, light weight and ease of use makes it perfect for any lab. It features a pressure steam sterilizer biological indicator, biological indicator for ethylene oxide sterilization and other biological indicator for sterilization effect detection and cultivation. The MINIB-100P features an LCD display which shows the temperature and time simultaneously. It also has a buzzer alarm and an automatic fault detection. The timer can range between 0 and 999 minutes.

If you have any further inquiries refer to the sections below or contact us through our support channels. We manage the delivery of the MINIB-100P incubator and ensure that it is packed properly so as to avoid any potential damage in transit. We also provide the buyer with a tracking code so he/she can track her delivery and pick it up on time. 


1, Unique design, small size, light weight, convenient movement, suitable for all occasions.

2, LCD display, temperature and time display simultaneously.

3, Automatically fault detection and buzzer alarm, temperature calibration function.

4, timing function, 0~999min

5, 24V DC power supply input, low power consumption, built-in over-temperature protection device, safe and reliable.

6, A variety of standard sample blocks for your choice, convenient replacement, the hole of block can be customized according to the size of tubes.

Technical Specification

Model MINIB-100P biological indicator
Adjustable temperature range RT+5°C~100°C
Uniformity of temperature ≤±0.5°C
 (detected at 56 °C)
Temperature stability ±0.5°C
Temperature display accuracy 0.1°C
Heating time  

Blocks replacement for MINIB-100P


Block could be selected from below block list, if you need please refer to the price below and contact us.

Model Hole and tubes Price (USD)
MiniP-A 15 x φ10mm 47.99
MiniP-B 12 x φ12mm 47.99
MiniP-C 6 x φ15mm 47.99
MiniP-D 6 x φ16mm 47.99
MiniP-E 18 x φ9mm 47.99