Coating Thickness Gauge Meter Tester Enhanced ED400

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New Coating Thickness Gauge Meter Tester Enhanced ED400.

The gauge is used to measure the thickness of the insulating coating on non-farrous metals. It is mainly used to measure the anodic oxide coating on aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum composite panel, aluminum work pieces and etc. It can also be used to measure the thickness of the insulating foil on other non-ferrous metals such as paper and plastic foil.

It is suitable for quick non-destructive coating thickness inspection for production, sale and engineering. It is used for production inspection, acceptation inspection and quality supervision.

It conforms the international standard ISO 2360.


  • Wider Range

Measuring range from 0 to 500 μm

  • Better Accuracy

Accuracy is up to 2% of coating thickness

  • High Resolution

Resolution is up to 0.1 μm

  • Simpler Calibration

Only two calibration points, 0 and 50 μm, are needed to ensure the accuracy within the whole measuring range.

  • Less Substrate Sensitive

Less variation when the substrate material is changed from aluminum to different substrate materials such as aluminum alloys, copper and brass. The error is smaller than 2 μm.

  • Better Reliability

With high integration and stability electronic components, the circuit board is enhanced with better reliability.

  • Better Stability

With advanced temperature compensation technology, the temperature drifts very slightly with temperature. The calibration cycle of gauge is longer.

  • Long Life Probe Core

The probe is re-designed with high strength magnetic core material, and the service life of the probe is prominently extended.

  • Exchangeable Probe

External type probe; operator can replace with a new one in case it is broken; less factory maintainence required.


Model ED400
Product Name Coating Thickness Gauge
Range 0 - 500 μm
Accuracy 0 - 50 μm ± 1 μm
50 - 500 μm ± 2%
Resolution 0 - 50 μm: 0.1 μm
50 - 500 μm: 1 μm
0 - 500 μm; 1 μm (optional)
Operating Temperature 5 - 45°C
Dimension 150 x 80 x 30 (mm)
Weight 280 g 

Packing Includes:

  • 1 x Gauge
  • 1 x Probe
  • 1 x Calibration Substrate (6063 Aluminum Alloy)
  • 1 x Calibration Plate (1 set of 4 pcs, with  verification certificate)
  • 1 x Carrying Case
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