New Dry Bath Incubator DTH-100 RT.+5~100 degree Heating

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Temperature Range: RT.+5~100 degree, Heating.

DTH-100 DRY BATH INCUBATOR (heating) is a microprocessor-controlled device, high precision of temperature control, sample preparation parallelism, as an alternative to the traditional water bath device. It can be widely used in samples cultivation, preservation and reaction, DNA amplification, Pre degeneration of electrophoresis and solidification. Application of industry includes the pharmaceutical, chemical, food safety, environment, quality inspection.


1, LCD display, simple interface, double time and temperature settings, Simultaneous display of set temperature display, time diminishing display.

2, high heating speed, uniform heating, accurate temperature control, high stability, low energy consumption and no noise.

3, Built in temperature calibration function, automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.

4, Built in over-temperature protection device, safe and reliable use, prolong the service life of the machine.

5, product design, compact and tight, small occupied space, freer and easier.

6, Various blocks for convenient replacement, cleaning and disinfection.

Technical Specification

Model DTH-100 Dry Bath Incubator DTC-100 Dry Bath Incubator
Specification (heating) (cooling)
Temperature Control Range RT+5°C~100°C  -10°C~100°C
Temperature Control Accuracy@100°C ≤±0.5°C
Block temp difference@40°C 0.3°C
Block temperature uniformity ≤±0.3°C
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Heating Time ≤15min (From 20°C to 100°C)
Timing Range 99h59min
Maximum temperature 100°C
Cooling Time / ≤30min  from ambient to ambient - 30°C, (detect at 26°Cof ambient temperature)
Maximum power 150W
Net Weight 2.2Kg
Dimension ( LxWxH) 270x190x170 mm
Block Selection Refer to "Exchangeable blocks for DTH-100/DTC-100 series"

Exchangeable blocks for DTH-100/DTC-100 series


Notice: The price of this item include a block(one of A~J, please leave us your choice, if not we will send you "A" by default ). More optional blocks could be selected from below flatform list, if you need please refer to the price below and make your choice.


Type Description Max.Temperature Price (USD)
A   96×0.2ml PCR plate 100°C 69.99
B   54×0.5ml 100°C 69.99
C  35×1.5ml 100°C 69.99
D  35×2.0ml 100°C 69.99
E  15×0.5ml+20×1.5ml 100°C 69.99
F   24×Diameter ≤ φ12mm tubes 100°C 69.99
G   32×0.2ml+25×1.5ml  100°C 69.99
H   32×0.2ml+10×0.5ml+15×1.5ml 100°C 69.99
I   103×67×30mm (Bath Block) 100°C 69.99
J  96×0.2ml Micro-plate 100°C 69.99
K 12×15ml (max speed 600 rpm) 100°C 79.99
L 6×50ml (max speed 600 rpm) 100°C 129.99
M Customized Block 100°C 129.99