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A small and portable model MC-7825G Grain Moisture Test Meter, with a high degree of precision, and user friendly interface.


The MC-7825G is a handy and easy to carry Grain Moisture Test Meter, with a tough exterior and good accuracy. It provides very fast and precise readings, and has intuitive controls. The large LCD screen displays large and clear measurements that are easy to read. This makes it an indispensable tool for any company that requires grains such as oats, hay, wheat or cereal to be stored and transported. The MC-7825G has an average measuring range of approximately 6 to 30%, but the exact range will vary depending on the type of grain that the user is testing. The device is powered by four 1.5 V AAA batteries, and the low power alert provides the user with a timely warning when it is time to change the batteries. We offer optional accessories with this Grain Moisture Test Meter, that cost extra, so be sure to contact us if you want to include them in your purchase. 

One Year's Warranty!

Model: MC-7825G

especially for grains

Measuring range: please see the table below

Resolution: 0.1

Display: LCD display

Accuracy: ±(0.5%n+0.1)

PC interface: RS232C (Software & communicating cable are optional)

Auto power off

Power supply: 4x1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery

Battery indicator: low battery indicator

Dimensions: 165x62x26mm

Weight (not including probe):119g

Test code and grain species 

Optional accessories: RS-232C cable & software:

1.USB adaptor for RS-232C

2.Bluetooth  interface

 Note: the optional accessories are not included, if you need please contact us, and the price will be different.

code grain range code grain range code grain range
cd01 Wheat/Rye (Whole) 7-31 cd13 Coffee(Whole) 7-31 cd25 Flax(Whole) 5-21
cd02 Wheat/Rye (Ground) 7-29 cd14 Coffee (Ground) 7-26 cd26 Peas (Progreta)(Ground) 5-21
cd03 Paddy (Whole) 7-29 cd15 Coffee Green (Ground) 7-27 cd27 Peas (Ground) 7-27
cd04 Paddy (Ground) 7-26 cd16 Cocoa Beans (Whole) 4-13 cd28 Ground nuts Hulled (Whole) 5-13
cd05 Rice (Milled) 7-29 cd17 Linseed (Whole) 6-21 cd29 Grass Seed/Rye grass (Whole) 7-28
cd06 Semolina 7-25 cd18 Lentils (Ground/ Whole) 7-21 cd30 Grass Seed/Cocksfoot (Whole) 6-23
cd07 Maize/Corn (Whole) 7-27 cd19 Oilseed Rape (Ground) 5-26 cd31 Flour/Soft Wheat 7-29
cd08 Maize/Corn (Ground) 7-26 cd20 Mustard Seed (Whole) 7-21 cd32 Clover/White Seed (Whole) 6-24
cd09 Soya Beans (Whole) 6-28 cd21 Sorghum/Milo (Whole) 7-28 cd33 Clover/Red Lucerne Seed (Whole) 6-22
cd10 Soya Beans (Ground) 5-22 cd22 Sorghum/Milo (Ground) 7-26 cd34 Buckwheat (Ground) 7-29
cd11 Barley/Oats (Whole) 7-34 cd23 Sunflower seed (Whole) 5-25 cd35 Brassicas/Brussels Sprout (whole/ground),Cabbage seed 5-15
cd12 Barley/Oats (Ground) 7-29 cd24 Sugarbeet Seed (Whole) 6-20 cd36 Beans/Tic/Winter (Ground) 5-15
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