Digital PD Ruler Pupilometer Interpupillary Distance Scale CP-30

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A portable CP-30 Digital Pupilometer & Inter-pupilary Distance Tester that is used for measuring the distance between human pupils, with DC battery power supply.

     There are many things, when it comes to ophthalmology which cannot be precisely measured. The result is usually poorly made glasses that do not fit the intended wearer.  However, measuring pupil distance of the wearer has become fairly precise, thanks to the many advancements in the field and the digital pupil meters that are available. The pupil distance is important because it tells the optician where to put the focus on the lenses. If the focus is amiss, the wearer will have a hard-time adjusting to the new lenses and it can result in further damage to the eyesight of the wearer. This is why precise measurement of inter-pupillary distance is vital for a good optician. 

    With the latest in micro-electronics and optics measurement, this pupil distance meter has been configured so that the maximum margin of error when measuring and rounding the distance is 0.5mm, which is quite accurate. 

    The distance between the pupils is measured by tracing the pupillary light point and then measuring light in a direct line. This digital pupil distance meter usually measures both eyes (the binocular way), but it can also measure one eye at a time (the monocular way), and can always show results for both eyes separately. 


  • Clear optical line, precise optical structure, and measurement.
  • Display the results of two eyes separately.
  • Easy operation and fast measure.
  • Auto power off and memory function save energy and meanwhile ensure the data won't lose.
  • Monocular measure is also available.


Power: Battery DC 12 V 23 A 5 W

Dimensions: 215 x 122 x 44 mm

Weight: 0.2 kg

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