New Orbital Shaker GS-10 Speed: 50-350rpm Orbit: 10mm

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The Orbital Shaker GS-10 is an excellent piece of lab equipment used in all sorts of delicate experiments. More information can be found in the description.


The Orbital Shaker GS-10 is a brand new addition to our collection of lab equipment here, at JoyFay. This machine is both compact and well designed so, when you get it, it will be no trouble finding a place for it - it will fit in nicely and it will look great. It can be used for virtually any mixing process in many different areas of science.

The GS-10 uses a DC brushless motor and it has microcomputer control technology. It’s design makes operating with it simple and convenient. As mentioned, the shaker can be applicable in different laboratories - you can use it in microbiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. For more information about this device, take a look below.


1.The GS-10 has adjustable speeds, and a great diversity of functions, so it can be used for virtually any mixing process. It can even be used in refrigerating warehouses.

2.The machine is compact and amazingly designed. The LED display is used to monitor the speed and time of the shaking process. The simple and convenient operation panel makes controlling the machine rather easy and, finally, the streamlined fuselage is easy to clean.

3.Timing function - the 1 min~100 hours range can be arbitrarily set, there is an automatic alarm controller, so it really gets the job done on its own.

4.The brushless DC motor drive ensures a long life span. No maintenance is required. Apart from that, the motor is quiet, and this helps when concentrating.

Technical Specification

Model GS-10 GS-20 GS-30
Speed Range 50-350 rpm 50-300 rpm 50-250 rpm
Orbit 10mm 20mm 30mm
Digital Timer 1min-100hour
Maximum Load Capacity 2.5KG
Operating Ambient: Temperature Range 4-45°C
Dimensions 284x264x90mm

General Optional accessories

Notice: the price of this item does not include any flatform. Optional flatform could be selected from below flatform list, if you need please refer to the price below and contact us.

PP12-100     Platform with clamps for flasks, 100-150ml ($110)

PP06-250     Platform with clamps for flasks, 250-300ml ($110)

UP-12          Universal platform with adjustable bars for different types of flasks, bottles 


PP-4             Flat platform with non-slip rubber mat ($35)