Semi-automatic Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30B

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The Semi-automatic Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30B is a dangerous piece of equipment only to be used by experienced professionals.


The Semi-automatic Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30B is a machine designed for several uses. It’s main feature however, is the fact that it can cut a steel plate which is over 8mm thick with medium-pressure acetylene and high –pressure oxygen. Primarily, it is used for linear cutting, however one can also also for circular cutting which is no lower than Φ200mm. Let’s not forget that you can also perform miter and V-shape cutting. In addition, the CG1-30B can be used for various other purposes like flame hardening and welding plastic, however, you will need auxiliary devices and, of course, the device’s independent power supply.

The machine is constructed to be compact, convenient for operating and it has a high level of operational safety. You need a small amount of time to prepare the machine and, in addition, its design even allows for some economic benefits.

The CG1-30B can be used in various areas like shipbuilding, building bridges and other heavy machinery. Of course, you can used to cut steel plates in a large, medium and small sized establishment.

Important Notice: The machine could also be combined with a CO3 cutting nozzle for propane gas cutting. The main body is constructed out of an aluminum alloy, and it looks cool, with nicely died castings. The machine has many advantages, some of which are its lightweight, great strength and corrosion resistance, etc.


Motor and Reducer:

This machine is driven by a ZYT261DC servo motor, which is constructed to be small and extremely durability. The motor is able to rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise. The CG1-30B has 30W of output power, and the motor is directly linked to gear shifter.

Speed Regulation;

The machine is designed to ensure remarkable speed regulation, for various safety purposes. While operating with it, switch on the 4.7 KΩ potentiometer knob in order to regulate the cutting speed from 50 - 750 mm/min.

Cutting Torch:

The cutting torch consists of an oxyacetylene distributor, a lateral rod, a cutting nozzle, a lifting mechanism, etc. When you change the gears and racks, the cutting nozzle moves up and down and to the left or right. This makes precise cutting much easier. The tightening screws of the cutting torch move within a ±45° angle.

Guiding Rail:

The frame provides you with two types of guiding rail one is convex and one is concave. You can choose your type depending on the type of driving wheel you have. The guiding rails provide an interface on the top and on the bottom. You can connect this machine to a long guider real only when you need to cut a massive component.


External dimensions and weight
External dimensions 430 x 230 x 280 mm (L x W x H)
Total Weight 28.5 kg
Mainframe Weight 14.7 kg
Cutting Nozzle Weight 0.45 kg (3 pcs)
Cutting Torch Weight 2.7 kg (1 set)
Concave Guide Rail Weight 6 kg (1 pcs)
Guide Rail Dimension 1200 x 220 x 30 mm
Input Voltage AC 220 V / 110 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz (Optional)
Radius Rod Weight 1.45 kg
Range of Cutting
Thickness of Steel Plate Cutting 8 - 100 mm
Regulation Range 50 - 750 mm/min ( Stepless speed regulation)
Diameter of Circumference for Cutting Φ200 - 2000 mm

(1) Type of Guide Rail: The frame provides one type of guide rail: concave.

(2) The machine is supplied with GO2 1 ~ 3 cutting nozzles. Nozzles of other specifications will be available from purchase (see the table for cutting nozzle specifications when using the machine)

Specifications of Cutting Nozzle:

Nozzle No. Cutting Thickness (mm) Oxygen Pressure (Mpa) Acetylene Pressure (Mpa) Cutting Speed (mm/min)
00 5 - 10 0.20 - 0.30 > 0.03 600 - 450
0 10 - 20 480 - 380
1 20 - 30 0.25 - 0.35 400 - 320
2 30 - 50 350 - 280
3 50 - 70 0.3 - 0.4 > 0.04 300 - 240
4 70 - 90 260 - 200
5 90 - 120 0.4 - 0.5 200 - 170


GO2 1 ~ 3 cutting nozzles 1 pcs/per
Concave Guide Rail 1.2 m 2 pcs
Cirle Cutting Tool 1 set
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