New Thermo Shaker Incubator MTH-100 RT.+5~100 Degree Heating

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The Thermo Shaker MTH-100 is one of best products you can find when it comes to incubators with 100 degree heating.


The Thermo Shaker MTH-100 is one of the fines incubators out there. It is a brand new addition to our collection, and we are proud to present it. First of all, its heating function is impeccable. Some of its other amazing features include a fast mixing speed and the fact that it integrates three functions: mixing, shaking and heating. Combined with an intelligent and highly user friendly design, the MTH-100 is not only used for shaking various common lab supplies, such as micro volume tubes, PCR plates, deep hole plates, micro plate and so on, but it also has the functions of heating, incubation, and catalyzing. Therefore, one can only deduce that this machine can meet the needs of many different users. For more information about this device, take a look below.


1, Perfect shaking radius and excellent 2D mixing technology 

2, High efficient shaking and temperature control, programmable.

3, Power recovery function, the instrument can restore to run according to the original setting automatically after recovery from power failure .
4, Microprocessor controlled and accurate temperature and speed control, small fluctuation.
5, Timer ranges from 0 – 100 hours.
6, Various optional blocks, convenient to replacement.
7, Built-in temperature calibration and short shaking jogging function.

8, DC brushless motor drive, long life, maintenance free.

9, Multiple safety protection function, conforms to CE safety standards, safe and reliable.


Technical Specifications

Model MTC-100 Thermo Shaker Incubator (cooling) MTH-100 Thermo Shaker Incubator (heating)
Temperature Control Range  0°C-100°C  +5°C-100°C
Block temperature uniformity ≤±0.3°C
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.3°C
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Shaking Speed 300-1500 rpm 300-2000 rpm
Shaking Orbit 3mm (horizontal)
Timing Range 99h59min
Heating Time  
Cooling Time ≤25min  from ambient to ambient - 20°C( detect at30°C of ambient temperature) /
Cooling Speed ≥7°C/min (From 100°C to 20°C) /
≥1.2°C/min ( from ambient to ambient - 20°C)
Maximum power 200W
Dimensions   ( LxWxH) 270x190x170 mm
Net Weight 8.3 Kg 6.8 Kg
Block Selection Refer to "Exchangeable blocks for MTH-100/MTC-100 series"

Note: MTH-100, heating, the temperature control range means the temperature it can control is 5°C~100°C higher than the room temperature.

For more detail information, please refer to the MTH-100 English Manual
3-in-1 format:    
Plate tube holers Blocks (shaking, mixing , incubator)
(shaking and mixing) (shaking and mixing)
PCR plates (skirted, semi-skirted, unskirted) 0.2 ml PCR tubes and PCR strips Refer to "Exchangeable blocks for MTH-100/MTC-100 series"
384 hole PCR plate 0.5 ml Micro-test tubes
96- and 384- Deepwell plates 1.5 ml/2.0ml Micro-test tubes
MTPs, enzyme labeled plate  

Exchangeable blocks for MTH-100/MTC-100 series


Free with three tube holders (MIX-A, MIX-B, MIX-C). Above price include a block(one of A~J, please leave us your choice, if not we will send you "A" by default ). More optional blocks could be selected from below flatform list, if you need please refer to the price below and make your choice.

Type Parameter Max. Temp Price (USD)
A 96×0.2ml PCR plate 100°C 69.99
B 54×0.5ml 100°C 69.99
C 35×1.5ml 100°C 69.99
D 35×2.0ml 100°C 69.99
E 15×0.5ml+20×1.5ml 100°C 69.99
F 24 x Ø ≤ 12 mm 100°C 69.99
G 32×0.2ml+25×1.5ml 100°C 69.99
H 32×0.2ml+10×0.5ml+15×1.5ml 100°C 69.99
I 103×67×30 Water bath block 100°C 69.99
J 96×0.2ml plate (no holes) 100°C 69.99
L 12×15ml (max speed 600 rpm) 100°C 129.99
M 6×50ml (max speed 600 rpm) 100°C 129.99
MIX-A  96×0.2ml tube holders  / /
MIX-B  24×0.5ml tube holders  / /
MIX-C  24×1.5/2.0ml tube holders  / /