Multifunction Timegrapher Watch Timing Machine No.6000

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A brand new watches timing Machine NO.6000. The newest model that everyone wants!


          This is the newest model of WEI SHI WATCH EXPERT Watch Timing Machine model NO.6000. The new Watch Timing Machine NO.6000 is a very precise mechanical test instrument, and the engineers have certainly gone one step forward when creating this device. Watch technicians and watch manufacturers love this machine, and they enjoy doing multi test with it. The frequency diagram of the tested watch is displayed on the LCD screen, and you can choose from several color modes of the screen. With this machine, you can automatically calculate the amplitude, beat error, rate and easily display them by data on the LCD screen. Another outstanding feature of this machine is that it has many sample periods for testing. You can choose sampling periods from two seconds, four seconds, six seconds, eight seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds, up to one minute. The average corresponding period shall be regarded as the precise value of the watch. There are six kinds of testing positions that can be set, and the simulation sound can be adjusted to mute or audio. This watch Timing Machine also has a built in clock display that can be used to facilitate checking the time of watches.  


1. Color LCD screen;
2. Can automatic adjust thesignal intensity according to the different watch.
3. Can automatic calculate and displaythe day rate, amplitude and beat error.
4. Can automatic tests thecommon beat watches, otherwise you can manually select for the special ones.
5. Can select the test period of2 s, 4 s, 8 s, 12 s, 20 s, 30 s, 60 s, which can calculate the average value ofcorresponding period.
6. kinds of test orientation can be set;the simulation sound can be set.
7. Builds in a real time clock, easy to tune up the watch.
8. The printer is optional; the parameters ofthe watch can be printed.


1. Test Range: The mechanical watch day rate deviation,amplitude, beat error and record the beat number curve.

2. Beat Number: Automatic test common beat number, alsomanual select test the special beat number.

3. Day Rate Deviation Measurement: Range ±999 s/day; Resolution: 1 s /day

4. Amplitude Measurement: Range: 100 - 360°; Resolution: 1° (The lift angle can affect theamplitude, and the range is 30 - 70°; the amplitude doesn't  exceed 330° innormal circumstances)

5. The Period Time of Measurement Average Value: 2 s, 4 s, 8 s, 12 s, 20 s, 30 s, 60 s

6. Beat Error (the frequency error) Measurement: Range: 0.0 - 9.9 ms, Resolution: 0.1 ms

7. Lift Angle: Range: 30 - 70°,and the default value is 52°.

8. Supply Voltage: The single 100 - 240 V, 0.1 A, 50 – 60 Hz.

9. The Measurement Orientation: 6 kinds of orientations.

10. The Diagram Color: Display in blue, white, yellow, greenand black color.

11. Working Environment: 0 - 50¡æ, the relative humidity is 0 - 80%RH.

12. Outer Case: The light grey in plastic cement.

13. The automatic select beat number by the instrument as below: 2000, 14400, 18000, 19800, 21600, 25200, 28800, 36000, 43200

The instrument automatic display the closet beat number if the watch beat number is not in the automatic selection range, but the testresult is incorrect, so need to select the beat number manually. The manual selection can select the special beat number.

14. The manual select beat number as below:

3600, 6000, 7200, 7380, 7440, 7800, 9000, 9100, 10800, 11880, 12000, 12342, 12480, 12600, 13320, 13440, 13500, 14000, 14040, 14160,14200, 14280, 14400, 14520, 14580, 14760, 14850, 15000, 15360, 15600, 16200, 16320, 16800, 17196, 17258, 17280, 17786, 17897, 18000, 18049,18514, 19332, 19440, 19800, 20160, 20222, 20944, 21000, 21031, 21306, 21600, 25200, 28800, 32400, 36000, 43200

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