Optical Anti-radiation Ultraviolet Tester Lens CP-13B

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Working with optics requires great care and precision, else the end product, be it a lens or a complete frame, will fail to fulfill its purpose, i.e. helping with the recovery of the wearer’s eye. This requires constant checking and testing of the lenses (and all other optic components). One of the checks that are done is to determine whether the lens protects against radiation and ultraviolet rays which can be very harmful to the eye, given a prolonged exposure.
The CP-13B is one of our latest optical testers. It is designed to test protective lenses (usually those with HMC protection) against the two of the most common kinds of rays, radiation and ultraviolet rays. The tester has two “lights”, one giving off radiation and the other giving off ultraviolet rays. Putting the lens against one of these and firing up the tester will show the result on the highly readable LCD screen. The result will tell you whether and how much that given lens will protect the eye of the wearer against ultraviolet and radiation rays, i.e. how much of these rays it can collect.
This product is qualified for CE approval and is manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines!

*It is the most convenient and practical UV-400 measuring instrument.
*It is clean at one glance to anti-UV transmitivity.
*UV data by light showing and LCD screen
*Adjusting knob: Makes the measured value more accurate
*Dual-purpose: UV-400 measuring and anti-radiation testing
Instruction for use
One: UV-400 ultraviolent-resistance test
First, put the standard lens on the outlet of UV light, adjust the knob to make the value on the LCD screen same with the value of the standard lens. For the accuracy, you have to calibrate the value with the standard lens.
Put the target lens on the outlet of UV light, and then the data displayed on the LCD screen is just the value of ultraviolent. The closer to 400 nm, the better the lens is.
Two: anti-radiation test
Makes the protruding part of lens in touch with the black anti-radiation testing point; If the lens is radiation-resistant, bird calls are given out, or is not radiation-resistant.

Power Supply: AC 110 V/ 60 Hz; 20 W
Dimension: 273 x 162 x 112 mm
Weight: 0.6 kg


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    great price, fast shipping, responsive customer service

    Posted by jel304 on Jan 12th 2017

    price was outstanding compared to other companies offering same unit. shipping was excellent and quick. questions that I had were answered by a customer service tech in 1 day. He even did a short youtube video to explain the answer. The included instruction manual was not complete...it did not explain about the EMI section of the tool and how to use it. That's why I needed to contact customer service. Would absolutely go here first for future purchases of this type of equipment