Optical Lens Groover Lens Slotted Machine Irron Panel CP-3T

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Being an optician requires high precision, because the ending result (the glasses that someone should wear) has to be absolutely perfect. If not, the result will be a pair of glasses that does not fit the wearer, and can even damage the eyesight of the person who they are supposed to be helping. This is why opticians use many high-precision tools to aid their work.

One of those tools is the CP-3T Optical Lens Groover. This machine allows the optician to groove lenses for the semi-rimless glasses with precision. It has an iron panel installed and a common blade which is used for grooving. It is suitable for use with plastic and glass lenses. Its body is made of non-corrosive material, so aside from being precise, this machine is also very durable.

This product is qualified for CE approval and is manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines!

*Iron panel and common blade
*Non-corrosive machine body
*Suitable for plastic and glass lenses
*Adjustable groove position (Front-Central-Rear)
*Adjustable groove depth: From 0 to 0.7 mm
*Groove Width: 0.65 mm
*Lens thickness: 1.5 mm to 11 mm
*Lens Diameter: From 18 mm to 70 mm

Power Supply: AC 110 V/ 60 Hz; 90 W
Dimensions: 210 x 170 x 150 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg


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