Optical Lens Trial Frame Eyeglass Optometry TF-B

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When an optometrist is prescribing eyeglasses lenses (corrective lenses), the optometrist can easily determine the optimum parameters for those lenses with a technique that involves using an optical trial lens frame (calibrated trial lenses). These trial frame lenses have two side assemblies that can be literally adjusted by the two small micrometer knobs in order to place the center of a certain lens laterally in the same line as the patient’s pupils. When this is set, you can read the position on the marked scales. After that, the value of both positions is summed and the final value gives you the interpupillary distance (PD). The interpupillary distance is basically the distance between the centers of pupils of the patient’s eyes. These optical trial lenses that we offer have interpupillary distance scale that goes from 50 mm to 80 mm. All of the knobs on this model are tightened with screws in order to make them easy to use and move only by a small amount. This also provides certainty that the knobs will not move when they are not turned.

*PD Scale: 50 mm – 80 mm
*Knobs Fastened with Screws
*Back lens holders of round corners
*Easily-shaped ear rests
*Available for 3 pieces trial lenses to be inserted at each side
*Dimension: 270 x 185 x 50 mm
*Weight: About: 80 g


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