Optometrist Electric Work Table Optical Eyeglasses Motorized Lift

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Optometry is a part of medical science that focuses on the eyes and similar (related) structures. Some of the other structures are visual information processing, visual systems and vision system itself. The first and most important thing that every optometrist must do is an eye exam. Without the eye exam, the optometrist cannot know what is wrong with the patient, or whether there is something wrong in the first place. This is why it is very important that the optometrist has appropriate instruments that will allow him to take an accurate and thorough exam. Optometrists use many tools such as lenses, lens meters, binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes, refractors, tone-meters, vision testers, eye charts and many others. The Optometry instrument table CP-31AT is an electronic table that is used for other big optometry instruments to be put on it. One of these instruments is slit lamp bio microscope used to observe patient’s eyes. This table will allow you to mount almost all of the optometry instruments with the maximum weight of 75 kg. Having this table will make it easier to move around with your heavy instruments , it makes practically no noise when moving, it is stable and it has a large range for adjusting the height (from 630 to 820 mm).

This product is qualified for CE approval and is manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines!

This electric work table is made of imported materials and absorbs the foreign advanced technology. Featuring with fine appearance, safety and credibility of operation system; its load capacity can reach 75 kg at most. It is easy and convenient to move the table, low noise, stable and large range for up and down (630 mm – 820 mm)

Motor: Big Power AC Motor
Wheel: Fine Wheel
Material: Table Top: Plastic; Foot: Metal
Table Top Size: 40 x 58 cm
Range of Elevation: 630 – 820 mm
Loading: 50 - 75 kg
Power Supply: AC 110 V/ 60 Hz; 120 W
Dimension: 610 x 530 x265 mm
Weight: 19 kg


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