Orbital Shaker GS-20 Speed: 50-300 rpm Orbit: 20 mm

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This is a digital speed controled orbital shaker that has a very vast applications.  

   The Orbital Shaker GS-20 has an amazingly smooth orbital shaking action for which some customers claim that is the best. It has an orbit the size of 20 mm, which means that it is suitable for all kind of larger samples. Besides the fact that the orbit of this shaker is 20 mm big, it is really not a problem because the Orbital Shaker GS-20 provides astonishingly smooth uniform circular motion. The shaking area has a lot of space, and it is made from a material that provides a lot of friction to ensure that samples do not slide away. The sample area can hold up to four multi well plates, diagnostic cards or any other samples or bottles. The shaking action is made that way that it is most suitable for samples that go from 0.5 ml to 5.5 ml and are, of course, held in Petri dishes, regular dishes or multi well plates. What makes the GS-20 Orbital Shaker a really useful and versatile shaking tool is the fact that it has many specially designed platforms that can be attached. You can order some additional platforms with clamps for flasks of various sizes, or a universal platform that can be customized for many different kinds of bottles and flasks, but also a hard core non slip platform.

   GS-10 Orbital Shaker is compact and amazingly designed. It can be used for virtually any mixing applications in different area. It uses DC brushless motor and microcomputer control technology, humanized design, simple and convenient operation. The shaker can be applicable in different laboratories: in microbiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.


1, Adjustable speed, diversity function it can be used for virtually any mixing applications in different area. It can be used in the refrigerating warehouse.

2, Compact and amazingly designed, LED displays speed and time, simple operation panel, streamlined fuselage is convenient to clean.

3, Timing function, 1min~100 hours range arbitrarily set, automatic alarm by time controller, realize unmanned operation.

4,  Brushless DC motor drive, long life, free of maintenance, quiet and no noise.

5, Replacement for different platform, conical flask frame, adjustable flask rack, a general-purpose tray for optional choice.

Technical Specification

Model GS-10 GS-20 GS-30
Speed Range 50-350 rpm 50-300 rpm 50-250 rpm
Orbit 10mm 20mm 30mm
Digital Timer 1min-100hour
Maximum Load Capacity 2.5KG
Operating Ambient: Temperature Range 4-45°C
Dimensions 284x264x90mm
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General Optional accessories

Remarks: the price of this item does not include any flatform. Optional flatform could be selected from below flatform list, if you need please refer to the price below and contact us.

PP12-100     Platform with clamps for flasks, 100-150ml ($110)

PP06-250     Platform with clamps for flasks, 250-300ml ($110)

UP-12          Universal platform with adjustable bars for different types of flasks, bottles 


PP-4             Flat platform with non-slip rubber mat ($35)