Flame Polishing Machine Water Welder 150L

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Flame Polishing Machine Water Welder 150L is available to buy in increments of 1
  • Gas output: 150L/h;
  • Flame temperature ≥ 2600℃;
  • Pollution-free product with no harmful byproduct;

If you're using oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2) together (or separately) to form a flammable mix, this welding generator is applicable in many different fields and areas. It can also be used for flame polishing, especially when working with nonferrous metals. Since this is a generator, as well as a welder, it means that it creates oxygen and hydrogen from water which is stored inside. This is done by electrolysis of distilled water, just by using ordinary electrical supply.

This kind of welding is superior to other types because it is significantly cleaner, there is no carbon side-product and there is no burst. All of this makes this machine much safer to use.

The scope of application for this machine includes, but is not limited to:

  • For polishing acrylic products, especially those areas that are hard to reach or with acrylic lettering;
  • For working with gold, silver, platinum and other similar jewelry;
  • For general annealing and welding;
  • For manufacturing solar panels;
  • For partial heat treating of metal parts;
  • For LED welding, etc.


Using a standard electrical supply, hydrogen and oxygen are produced by the electrolysis of distilled water. Inlet AC to electrolytic cell filled with NaOH or KOH and water molecules are decomposed gradually and then hydrogen and oxygen are produced. The mixed gases are passed through a gas atomizer and delivered to single or multiple torches via an output lead.

1. Superiority of Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher

  • Does not burst
  • No carbon comes out
  • Suitable for indoor work because it is the most clean energy in comparison with any other energies.

2. Economical Efficiency of the mixed Oxygen Hydrogen Gases

Monthly gas cost is cheap, about 1/6 of LPG and about 1/17 of acetylene.

3. Operation Efficiency of Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher

The flame is the pin-pointed with highly pureness and high temperature. It makes a straight on and has a fast flame speed and heat concentration.

4. The machine has two electrolytic tanks and one water feeding tank.


  1. Polishing uneven and hard-to-reach area of acrylic products and acrylic parts without any residue or acrylic lettering
  2. Gold, silver, jewelry work
  3. Enamel wires lead trimming. 
  4. For general annealing 
  5. Solar Panels Manufacture
  6. Metal parts partial heat treatment.
  7. Ideal for thermocouple processing.


Model H260
Gas Output 150 Liter/Hour
Water Consumption 0.03 Liter/Hour
Working Pressure <0.2 Mpa
 Voltage  220 V /50 Hz ; 110 V/ 60 Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 57 x 30 x 53 (cm)
Weight 15 kg


Main Machine 1 pcs
Powerline 1 pcs
Hose 4 pcs
Flame Gun 2 set
T Joint 1 pcs
Anti-backfire Valve 1 pcs
Funnel 1 pcs
Operating Manual 1 pcs
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