pH/mV/Temp/Ion Meter & Electrode PH Tester PHSJ-5 CE

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1.The instrument is equipped with large LCD touch screen and English operation system for easy use.
2.Several kinds of pH buffers can be chosen for calibration. Furthermore, the buffer solution can be prepared by users.
3.The instrument can recognize five types of buffers automatically.
4.It has many functions such as automatic and manual temperature compensation, self-calibration and self-calculation of electrode percentage theoretical slope.
5.The data can be stored, deleted, printed and viewed, and the quantity of measuring data can be maximized to 200 sets.
6.It has standard RS-232 and USB interface. To match with data collecting software, it can be communicated with computer.
7.It is equipped with E-201-D pH combined electrode and T-820C temperature electrode.

Technical Specification
Measuring range: pH: -2.000~18.000; mV: ± 1999.99; Temperature: -5.0~105.0°C
Resolution: pH: 0.1, 0.01, 0.001; mV: 0.1, 0.01; Temperature: 0.1°C
Accuracy: pH: ±0.002 ±1 bit; mV: ±0.03% FS; Temperature: ±0.2°C±1 bit
Input impedance >=3×1012Ω
Stability (±0.002pH ±1 bit)/3h
Temperature compensation: manual; automatic (-5.0~105.0)°C
Power supply: AC 110 V, 60 Hz
Dimension: 250*195*100 mm
Net Weight: 2 kg
Package Size: 370*310*340 mm
Gross Weight: 4 kg
Calibration: Five-point calibration
GLP standard: Yes
Buffer Recognition Automatic: USA/NIST
Data Storage: 200 sets of data
View, Delete & Print: Yes
Display Touch: 5" LCD screen

Packing list
Main Machine 1
E-201-D ph Combination Electrode 1
T-820D ATC Probe 1
Stand Buffer 1
Power Cable 1
English Manual 1


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