Portable Cows Milking Machine Electric Cow Milker 304 SS One Bucket

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This milking machine is produced by an experienced  manufacturer in China, high quality and low price. This set is equipped with vacuum pump, so it won’t bring discomfort and hurt the nipple of the cow.

CE, ISO and FDA Approved

Work Principle

The design of milking machine imitates the movement which the calf is nursed, the vacuum provides the power for the milking machine, the milk cup group is the instrument which completes milking directly. The tubbish space between the milk cup sheath is called intermural chamber, which is controlled by the connection of the short pulse tube and the pulsator. 

This set is equipped with vacuum pump, so it won’t bring discomfort and hurt the nipple of the cow. 

Main Structure

1 Vacuum Pump 6 Pulsator
2 Motor 7 Chassis
3 Surge Tank 8 Vacuum Regulator
4 Milk Bucket 9 Vacuum Meter
5 Milking Claw 10 Silencer

a. Vacuum pump-single rotary vane pump , produces the negative pressure gas by electric motor.

b. Surge tank—guarantee the pressure stabilizing of the vacuum system and prevent the vacuum pump sucking in sundries.

c. Vacuum regulator—control the degree of the vacuum when vacuum system works.

d. Pulsator-has certain frequency pulsation automatically and the pulse waveform is extremely stable and reliable.

e.Milking claw――the important part milking machine, it assembles the milk of four nipple and transports rapidly to the milk bucket in the process of milking.

f.Milk bucket-made of 304 stainless steel, clean and convenient.


Milking machine Type One bucket
Vacuum pump Working vacuum 50 Kpa
Vacuum pump Capacity 250L/MIN
Motor Power Fitted  0.75 kW
Voltage 110V, 60Hz
Rotational speed 1440 RPM
Pulsator Pulse style Pneumatic pulsator
Pulse rhythm Single rhythm
Pulse frequency 64-75 times / min
Pulsation ratio 60:40
Other Milking claw 1 Set
304 stainless steel Milk bucket I piece(25 L)
Machine Timbering Material 304 stainless steel
Productivity 10-12 cattles / h
Packaging Wooden Box
Gross weight 100 kg
Packing size (LxWxH) 88*67*104 cm

For more detail information, please refer to the English Manual

This machine is used for cows, if you want to use it for the goat, you need buy another milk cup group, please just click here.