Portable Digital LCD Dissolved oxygen Meter Tester JPBJ-608

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Dissolved oxygen: (0.00~19.99)mg/L, Dissolved oxygen saturation: (0.0~199.9)% ,Temperature: (0.0~40.0)degree.



1.Wide screen LCD display, operation reminder function for easy use

2.It can measure dissolved oxygen concentration, dissolved oxygen saturation and temperature.

3.It has automatic temperature compensation. Also, it can conduct zero oxygen, full scale, atmospheric pressure and salinity calibration.

4.It provides power failure protection, auto power-off management. Measuring results can be stored, deleted and viewed.

5.Up to 500 sets of measuring data can be stored.

6.It has RS-232 port and can be connected with TP-16 serial printer. If matched with specific data collecting software, it can be connected with PC.

7.The protection level of meter housing can reach IP65. Also, it is waterproof and dustproof and suitable for field work.

8.It is equipped with DO-958-S dissolved oxygen sensor.

Technical Specification

Measuring range

DO: 0.0 - 20.00 mg/L

DO Saturation: 0.0% - 199.9% 

Temperature: - 5oC - 110 oC


DO: ± 0.30 mg/L

DO Saturation: ±10.0% FS

Temperature: ±0. 5oC

Stability (±0.10 mg/L) / 3L
Response Time �45 S (90% respond at 20oC)
Residual Current ≤Â?.10 mg/L
Salinity Calibration Yes
Zero offset/ Full scale calibration Yes
Barometric pressure Yes
Data Stroage 500 sets of data
View, delete & print Yes
Display Backlit LCD with operation indication
Under-voltage indication Yes
Communication interface RS-232
Software 1.1DC
Housing IP65
Power Four AA batteries
Dimension 210*86*50 mm
Net Weight 0.5 kg

Packing list

Name Quality
Main Machine 1
DO-958-BF DO Probe 1
Power Cable 1
English Manual 1