Flame Polishing Machine Water Welder Oxygen-Hydrogen Generator 95L CE

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  • Temperature of flame ≥ 2600℃;
  • Gas output: 95L/h;
  • Consumption: water; Byproduct: water;

Portable oxy-hydrogen welding machine is using electrochemical principle, converts alternating current to direct current (dc), the water in the electrolytic cell decomposition within the machine to produce hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen as fuel, oxygen as auxiliary combustion.


• High temperature: The temperature of flame is up to 2800°C, higher than normal liquid-gas.

• Secure and green: Oxygen and hydrogen are harmless gas, the combustion product is water only, does not pollute the environment.

• Heat energy focus: The flame is straight, the heat loss is small, and high efficiency.

• The flame can be controlled by changing the size of spray nozzle or adjusting the rotary knob of flame gun.


• Acrylic edge polishing; Plexiglass polishing; Organic glass polishing.

• Preheat inner chamber.

• Partial heat treating of metal parts.

• Some artwares have been polished:


Model H180
Input Voltage AC 110 V
Max. Output Gas 95 L/h
Operation Gas Pressure 0.08 ~ 0.13 Mpa
Ambient Temperature  - 10°C ~ 40°C
Flame Temperature ≥ 2600°C
Water Consumption 0.03 L/h
Electrolyzer Capacity 1800 mL
Weight 7.4 kg
Size 480 x 280 x 360 (mm)


Main Machine H180
Flame Gun 1 set (One Gun, Three Fire Spray Nozzles)
Filter Pot 1 pcs
Rubber Tube 1 pcs
Funnel 1 pcs
Instruction 1 pcs
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