Flame Polishing Machine Oxygen-Hydrogen Generator Water Welder 75L CE

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An oxygen-hydrogen generator, welding, and a flame polishing machine applicable in many fields. Its gas output is 75L.

The oxygen hydrogen generator uses a mixture of cold distilled water and an electrolyte such as KOH (NOT PROVIDED) and electrolysis to create a flame that burns at ≥ 2600°C. The result is an oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2) mix with no carbon byproducts. The unit itself is cost efficient since water is the main ingredient. This generator is a lightweight option for greater portability.  The maximum gas output is 75 L/h with an electrolyte capacity of 1600 mL.

When the tank starts to get low, simply refill with water (no electrolyte solution). If the current drops below an acceptable level, add more of the electrolyte solution in small increments.

The HHO generator has a wide range of applications:

  • Polishing acrylic products, especially those areas that are hard to reach or with acrylic lettering;
  • For working with gold, silver, platinum and other metal;
  • For general welding and annealing;
  • Synthetic glass polishing;
  • IC encapsulation;
  • School science demonstrations;
  • For manufacturing solar panels;
  • For partial heat treating of metal parts;
  • For LED circuit board welding, etc.

Technical Parameter

Model H160
Input Voltage AC110 V
Max. Output Gas 75 L/h
Operation Gas Pressure 0.08 ~ 0.13 Mpa
Ambient Temperature  - 10°C ~ 40°C
Flame Temperature ≥ 2600°C
Water Consumption 0.015 L/h
Electrolyzer Capacity 1600 mL
Weight 11 kg
Size 480 x 280 x 360 (mm)
Main Machine H160
Flame Gun 1 pcs
Filter Pot 1 pcs
Fire Spray Nozzle 1 pcs
Rubber Tube 1 pcs
Instruction 1 pcs


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