Ratchet Pipe Threader- 6 Piece Die Pipe Threader, NPT, by U.S. Solid

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The U.S. Solid Ratchet Pipe Threader is a six die set that will thread pipes at standard NPT. This heavy duty tool is virtually indestructible and will get the job done.

Ratchet Pipe Threader w/ 6 Dies


The U.S. Solid Ratchet Pipe Threader Set is easy to use and will give your pipe joints a watertight seal. Our pipe threader is manually operated and simple to use. Simply insert the pipe into the die and use the ratchet to make your way around it. Be sure that you stop threading once the pipe has reached the end of the die. If not, your threads will not line up correctly.

The tool is made from high quality materials that make it super strong and almost indestructible. Each die is National Pipe Thread or NPT which is the standard for pipe threading. NPT is a tapered thread that allows for a watertight seal. The U.S. Solid Ratchet Pipe Threader is the tool you need when threading pipes.


• Ratchet Type Handle

• 6 Hinge Plate Head: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"

• 62-Type Pipe Hinge Plate

• United States Regulation NPT

• Material: Ductile Cast Iron

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2 1/4" Pipe Threader 1
3 3/8" Pipe Threader 1
4 1/2" Pipe Threader 1
5 3/4" Pipe Threader 1
6 1" Pipe Threader 1
7 1 1/4" Pipe Threader 1
8 Ratchet Type Handle 1
9 Lengthening Bar 1
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