Screw Test Stand with Digital Ruler ALX-S for 500N Force Gauge

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This is a stand that is used for holding the 500N digital force/push-pull gauge. Holds firmly in place and is equipped with a digital ruler.

   When measuring the destructive pull-push force the key is having a stable environment so that the measurement could be completely precise.

   This is a test stand that can be used for both field work and for desktop use, allowing stable, simple and convenient manual operation. It is fully compatible with domestic and imported NK, NLB and ALB style series of point-type mechanical and digital force gauges.

   The observers are able to easily observe the displacement happening because of the framework of the stand.

   The stand is made out of a highly durable material, which means that it can be used in various situations and conditions. It has a long lifetime, so it will serve for quite a long time. The stand is also equipped with a digital ruler, attached to the side of the stand, which allows for even more precise testing and accurate information that is received, making the ALX-S even more useful in many situations.

Test Stand Only, the Force Gauge not included.


For vertical, it can be installed on the table (desktop) to achieve stable manual operation, simple and convenient.

Specifications and Parameters

Maximum load: 500N
Effective stroke: 150 mm
Length × width × height: 230×150×490 mm
Effective area of the test area: 105×100 mm
Net weight: 9kg

Structure Sketch (the unit of measurement here is milimeter)