Seedling Heat Mat- Seed Starting Heat Mat for Germination by U.S. Solid

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A seedling heat mat will allow your plants to grow bigger and healthier. The U.S. Solid Seedling Heat Mat will give your seeds more time to grow by allowing them to propagate inside before the last frost.


Sometimes seeds need a little more time to grow than from the last frost to the end of the season. Seeds need to be at a certain temperature to grow. Especially in the colder parts of the world, you won't reach the right temperature until well into the season. With a seedling heat mat, you can start your seeds inside before the last frost.

To start your seeds inside, you will need a plant tray, a heat mat, potting soil, and of course, seeds. Start putting potting soil inside of your plant tray and plant your seeds. Be sure to place two or three seeds in each hole because some seeds will not germinate. Lightly water your seeds and plug in your seedling heat mat. Place the plant tray on top of the heat mat. Keep the heat mat on all night to keep your seeds at a consistent temperature. In 10 to 14 days you should start seeing some progress. The U.S. Solid Heat Mat will allow you to start your seeds inside so you have great looking plants by the end of the season.

• Single circuit provides consistent temperature.

• Stronger heating wire with silicon insulation, and thicker multilayer construction offer more uniform heating and durability.

• The heat wire is high frequency welded permanently in the heat mat.

• Providing bottom heat that you’ll increase the germination rate.

• Seeding heat mat for better plant growth and flower seed germination. It can be placed in many different size of seeding bowl.

• Increase the success of seedings and cuttings, durable construction, waterproof and easy cleaning.

• Seeding heat mat for better veggie,herb,and flower seed germination.

• Increase the success of seeding and cutting.

• Each mat has a handy seed germination guide for many popular flowers and vegetables.

• Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature.

• Lighting, watering,and planting information printed on mat.

• Includes 6 feet SJTW water resistant power cord.

• The seeding heat mats with met-listed on the market.

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