Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine Labeler 15-120mm

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Regardless of what you sell in your bottles, your customers won’t know it’s your product until they read the label. By using a lever activated multi-roller setup, the LT-50 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine can be an efficient way to get your product out there!

The LT-50 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine can be used for labeling round bottles that vary in size. While designed to work with round plastic bottles, other bottles of different materials may be used, such as hard glass. When you need to get more of your bottled products out, the LT-50 can label up to 40 bottles a minute (depending on the operator’s own speed). And you won’t have to worry about creases or bubbles in your labels—the multi-roller system ensures that each label application is evenly placed on each bottle! Get the professional look your bottled products need, and make it quick!

1. Suitable for labeling round bottles of different sizes.
2. Efficiency is as high as 50 pcs/minute.
3. Composed of the main body, label sender, label receiver, bottle rollers, etc.
4. The position of the bottle is adjustable.
5. Labeling has no creases or bubbles. Neat presentation and professional quality!
6. Modular design, convenient maintenance and low repair costs.
7. Highly accurate in labeling. Semi-automatic speeds of up to 40 bottles a minute.
8. 304 stainless steel construction.

Technical Specifications




110V, 60Hz(only)



Label  speed

25-50 pcs/min

Label  accuracy


Label  Roll inner diameter

≥ Φ75mm

Max. label roll out diameter

≤  Φ 350mm

Products Size

Φ 15mm-Φ120mm

Width of Label

Max: W150 mm*L 250 mm

Min: W20 mm*L 25 mm



Machine Size


Gross weight


Attention: This machine can not be used for transparent label.


Operational Instructions
1. After assembly and loading your label roll, you will want to first determine the size of your bottle that you will be labeling.

2. Once the bottle size has been determined, you will want to adjust the screws on either side of the roller that is on the PRESS LEVER, which is the part of the machine you pull down to activate the labeler.

3. Adjusting these screws, you can move the roller to a position in relation to the LABEL ROLLER that will help ensure that the bottle is securely pressed against the LABEL ROLLER when the machine activates, ensuring that the labeling process will work properly.

4. Adjust the screws on either side of the BOTTLE-HOLDING ROLLER, which is the roller opposite of the LABEL ROLLER. Once the screws are loosened, you can adjust the position of the BOTTLE-HOLDING ROLLER so that your bottle will be properly held in place while you press down the PRESS LEVER and activate the labeling machine.

5. Next, you will want to adjust the TOUCH SCREW. This is the screw at the base of the PRESS LEVER. You will notice that on the same side of the machine, the TOUCH SCREW (When the PRESS LEVER is pressed down) will make contact with a SWITCH. By adjusting the TOUCH SCREW, you can determine how soon the machine activates when you press down the PRESS LEVER. Adjust accordingly to the size of the bottle you’re labeling.

6. Now that the rollers are adjusted, it is time to adjust the STRIPPING BOARD. That is the flat plate that’s positioned very close to the LABEL ROLLER. At the base of the STRIPPING BOARD, on the side of the machine, you’ll find its screws. Loosen them and adjust so that the STRIPPING BOARD is as close to the LABEL ROLLER as possible without touching. This helps ensure that the labels come off their paper backing and adhere to the bottle properly.

7. Last but not least, adjust the SENSOR and the SENSOR PANEL on the machine. The SENSOR is the small black part in the machine suspended over the motor. You will want to adjust its position to conveniently hold the labels as they go from one end of the machine to the roller/bottle end. Next, make sure the SENSOR is adjusted to be placed over the break in the labels (the white spaces between the labels). Next, adjust the SENSOR PANEL’s sensitivity so that the SENSOR will be able to tell when it’s sensing a label and when it is sensing a break. This will ensure that the machine will only use one label with every press of the PRESS LEVER.

Shipping origin Ohio or Nevada
Processing time 1 ~ 2 business days
Shipping time 2~5 business days(Fedex Ground or USPS)
One Year Warranty!

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