Solenoid Valve for Keurig Replacement DC 12 V

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The USS-RSV00001 Keurig Replacement Solenoid Valve will replace your faulty solenoid valve in your Keurig Coffee Maker and saves you the money you would spend for a new one.

  Does your Keurig Coffee Maker not function properly? Does it sometimes brew half the cup of coffee? You may have a broken internal part, specifically your solenoid valve.
   Tests have shown that when your machine is plugged in for long periods of time, even if the coffee making function is off, your machine, and the solenoid valve, continue to stay powered up at 12V. This function is for brewing your coffee in the least amount of time possible. Consequently, your solenoid valve eventually wears out and does not function properly; sometimes sending rusty water into your coffee line. This is the most common problem with a Keurig. Instead of spending upwards of $200 on a new Keurig, now you can simply change out the faulty solenoid valve. (Many You Tube tutorials available.)
 This is the USS-RSV00001 Keurig Replacement Solenoid Valve. It is specifically designed to replace the faulty solenoid valve in your Keurig Coffee Maker. This valve uses 360mA (milli Amps) of current at DC 12 Volts. Its inlet/outlet port connections have a 3/32” inside diameter and 3/16” outer diameter. The body dimensions are 1 1/8” long with a diameter of 15/16” and the overall dimensions including ports is 2  7/16” long by 1  7/16” wide. This valve is applicable for most Keurig models.
  Since this is a U.S. Solid product, you can be sure that this solenoid valve is BRAND NEW (not used from an old Keurig).  We offer a 1 year warranty; so buy with confidence!



U.S. Solid



U.S. Solid Model:


GTIN-12 (UPC):


Valve Type:

2 Position 2 Way

Operation/ Property

Normally Closed



OD inlet and outlet



DC 12 V



Applicable Media


Working Pressure

 0.15 ~ 0.8 Mpa

Body Dimensions

1 1/8” Long ; 15/16” Diameter

Overall Dimensions including Ports

2 7/16” Long x 1 7/16” Wide




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