Standard Cuvettes Cell UV Quartz Cuvette with Lids Pathlength 1 mm

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Standard Cuvettes Cell UV Quartz Cuvette with Lids Pathlength 1 mm is available to buy in increments of 1

A flat-bottom cuvette used in UV spectroscopy. Made out of quartz for UV experiments, come with a lid and can contain 0.35ml volume.

When measuring light properties of a liquid, the liquid is usually put in a Cuvette and then used with a spectroscopy machine which analyzes it (in the case of this Cuvette) under ultraviolet light. These small containers are used in laboratories for a long time. They come in many shapes and sizes, and can be made out of different materials (depending on the type of the light spectrum that is analyzed). Usually, they are used with a Spectrometer, although they can also be used with Spectrophotometers and Fluorometers.

This right here is a standard 1mm UV cuvette that is made out of quartz. This property allows looking at the cuvette contents under ultraviolet light, because quartz lets its rays pass through more easily than other materials. Its rectangular shape allows the light to flow through the cuvette without any refraction and, while it may not be visible due to the thickness of this Cuvette, it has a flat bottom. It comes complete with a lid, so the contents of the Cuvette will not spill. It can carry volumes of up to 0.35ml of any kind of liquid.

Working with cuvettes demands precision and knowing exactly what you are looking for, so this is a job better left to professionals.


Material: Quartz
Bottom Style: Flat Bottom
Wavelength Range: 200nm-2500nm
Optical Path Width: 10 mm
Optical Path length: 1 mm
External Dimensions: 12.5*3.5*45 mm
Volume: 0.35 mL

Cuvettes Compared with Famous

Cuvette 1 and 2 are two randomly selected cuvettes from our products. You can see that these two are almost exactly the same which indicates the stability of the quality. Based on the absorbance in the UV region, their quality is even better than the famous brands.

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