T-870A Infrared BGA Rework Station IRDA Soldering Welder 240x180mm US Stock

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T-870A Infrared BGA Rework Station IRDA Soldering Welder 240x180mm US Stock is available to buy in increments of 1

The rework station soldering welder T-870A is a new technology based welder. This welder has many features that overcome traditional welders. 

     Infrared Welder T-870A has adopted the new infrared weld technology which allows independent exploration. With the use of infrared technology and infrared heat the, T-870A has made cutting through anything really easy, and the old issues of typical welders have been removed. The new T-870A Infrared BGA Rework Station IRDA Soldering Welder is very user friendly and easy to operat,e and it will take just one day of training for anyone to learn how to use it. After that, even the most skillful operations come easy to the user. This new, high level piece of technology does not need any weld tools, and can weld any objects between 35mm and 50mm on its own. The structure of the machine is very compact and it has a built in 800W heating system with the pre-heating area, the size of which is 240x180mm.

 This model of welder is suitable for all kinds of components, especially for micro BGA components. This infrared welder is best used for computers, notebooks and the repair and rework of BGA components. The maintenance requirements for this machine are very small. After some time, it is desirable that you clean the guide rod, the focusing frame and the PCB board support. 



1. Adopt infrared weld technology which independent exploration.

2. Use infrared heat, easy to cut through, heat proportion piercing tradition weld machine with sirocco.

3. Easily operate. Just need one day training. Can operation this machine.

4. Don't need weld tools. This machine can weld all the component of 35 x 35 50 x 50 mm.

5. This machine has 800 W heating systems, widely to 240 x 180 mm.

6. Infrared heating don't have sirocco flow. Don't impact perimeter small component. Can suitable for the entire component, especially Micro BGA component.

7. Definitely can satisfy the computer, the notebook, the electricity swims and so on the BGA sealing off/repairs to request; Specially especially suits to the computer north and south bridge.


Model T-870A
Power Supply AC 220 V / 110 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Heat Style infrared radiation
Complete Machine Power
1000 W (220 V); 1200 W (110 V)
Infrared Lamp Body Power 150 W
Preheating Chassis Power 800 W (220 V); 1000 W (110 V)
Chassis Temperature Range 60 °C - 200 °C
Infrared Lamp Body Temperature Range 200 °C - 450 °C
Preheating Chassis Size 240 x 180 mm
Infrared Lamp Body Size 70 x 70 mm
Infrared Lamp Body Heating Size 35 - 50 mm
Working Bench Size 360 x 240 mm
Dimensions 430 x 260 x 420 mm
Gross Weight 11 kg

 English Manual Download

Package List

1 x Welding Station

1 x Infrared Lamp Body

1 x Temperature Sensor

1 x Board Support of the Circuit

1 x User's Manual (Compact Disc)

How to Operate

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