T-946 MCUP Hot-Plate PCB Preheating Oven Plate

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This is a hot-plate preheating oven that is used to in production and maintenance of printed circuit boards (PCB). It can perform various other tasks.


   The T-946 MCUP Hot-Plate/ Preheating Oven is used primarily with printed circuit boards in order to provide even and stable heat to a whole side of the PCB. This helps both with manufacturing and maintenance of these printed circuit boards.

   The oven is 240mm long and 180mm across, and its top can produce solid heat which can help with various tasks.

   This oven adopts the MCU and advanced PID intelligent temperature control technology. This, coupled with the advanced temperature measurement, makes sure that the temperature that you work with is exact and precise. The oven also has a temperature correction function, which allows the user to control the temperature even further. It is also possible to control the timer on the oven, or to turn the timer off and have the oven heat continuously until turned off. This depends on the user’s wishes.

   It has memory, so it can store the set parameters and recall them on next use, which greatly saves time for the operator.

   It can help with numerous tasks in many fields of electronic industry, such as: lead and lead-free PCB preheating, welding repairs, sealing compounds, adhesive dispensing, constant temperature heating, sample roasting, drying and many other heat-related tasks.


  • Power supply: AC 220V @ 50Hz / AC 110V @ 60Hz
  • Drawer size: 180mm x 240mm
  • Rated power: 800W


1. Adopts MCU and advanced PID intelligent temperature control heating technology & advanced temperature measurement technology, make temperature exact. 

2. Special temperature correction function, it can improve the temperature measuring quality and measurement accuracy.

3. Automatic parameter memory function, set and keep parameter easily.

4. Intelligent fault detection function, remove the fault easily, save time and high efficient, ensure the stability and reliability.

5. With time mode and continuous mode in order to meet different user requirements.

6. Adopt imported high quality silicon controlled, with non-contact switch quick response, control precision, without the noise and low power consumption etc.

7. With high-quality aluminum, using a integrated techniques combined with excellent machining process produced heating plate, high heating modulus, fast heating, heat even, keep shape at high temperature.

8. Heating at bottom, especially suitable for LED industry aluminum base plate lamp bead welding repair, effectively avoid the traditional welding mode of high temperature on light bead damage, significantly extend the service life of bead light.

9. Temperature control range can be suit for any electronic industry. Such as lead and lead-free PCB board preheat, welding Repair, sealing compound, Adhesive Dispense constant temperature heating and industrial industries constant temperature heating, sample roasting drying and other temperature test.

10. Easy operate



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