T-962A Infrared Heater Reflow Soldering Oven Machine 1500W

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A small machine used for reflow soldering on larger areas than a single point. Can also be used for drying, heat preservation and finalizing designs.


    When something has to be repaired in a household using soldering, people usually go for the point-by-point soldering. But, in industries, especially when welding larger panels, sometimes the soldering has to be done on a few points simultaneously, so that it is done consistently. This is where the Infrared Heater Solders come into action. These solders allow insertion of any type of panel that needs soldering (smaller panels that fit the dimensions of the machine, which are 300 mm x 320 mm) and, after two to eight minutes (depending on the settings), all the soldering will be done on the panel. 

    The machine has a micro-computer control; it is automatic and is relatively easy-to-use, even for beginners. The user has the possibility of choosing between eight types of temperature wave parameters, which make this machine very versatile. The T-962A keeps the temperature stable throughout the process accurately, and does not require any extra control after the parameters have been set, thanks to the infrared heating (which is fast and works with the output of 1500W) and the homoeothermic fan and their combined use. 

    It can also be used for drying, heat preservation and design finalization. It can work with various types of single and double PCB panels and with all kinds of encapsulation forms, including: CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP and BGA.

Micro-computer control

Automatic operation, easy to use

Fast infrared radiation and circulating wind for heating make the temperature accurate and even

Fuzzy temperature control; visible drawer type workbench

Capable of soldering single, double panels


1. Big infrared soldering area

Effective soldering area: 300 x 320 mm

2. Multi temperature wave selectable

8 kinds of temperature parameter waves selectable; with manual heating function, forced cooling function, etc.

3. Unique design of temperature rise and homoeothermy

The cooperation of fast infrared heating with output work 1500 W and homoeothermic fan makes the temperature accurate and even and the whole process automatic and accurate in accordance with the preset temperature wave. No need of extra control.

4. Comprehensive functions

With functions of reflow soldering, drying, heat preservation, finalizing the design, fast cooling, etc.

Can solder single and double PCB panels with all kinds of encapsulation form such as CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, etc;

Can be used for the glue solidifying, circuit board thermal aging, PCB maintenance, etc;


Model T962A
Power Supply AC 220 V / 110 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Heat Style infrared radiation + circulating wind
Rated Power 1500 W
Cycle Time 2 - 8 min
Control Mode 8 intelligent temperature waves
Temperature Range (°C ) 0-280
Drawer Size (mm) 300 x 320
Size (mm) 430 x 370 x 260
Dimensions (mm) 510 x 450 x 330
Gross Weight (kg) 15

More details, please refer to the English Manual


If the video does not show up here, you also can click here to see T-962A.

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