U.S. Solid® 210g 0.1mg Lab Analytical Balance Digital Precision Scale

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This digital scale is made with the serious professional in mind. It is incredibly accurate - all the way down to 0.1mg - and is well-suited for laboratory weighing tasks where great precision is required. The scale has a maximum capacity of 210 grams that can be placed on its stainless steel pan. Its large LCD display has an integrated backlight, which makes it easy to read out the results even in poor lighting conditions or complete darkness. The device comes with a standard calibration weight. It also allows the user to choose between several different units of measurements including grams, ounces and carats, and can be used in a wide variety of measuring tasks. The package includes the universal mains adapter, AC/DC transformer and windshield, and weighs in at a total of 7.2 kg. For additional information, be sure to consult the manual provided below.


1. Adopts the Electromagnetic Force Compensation load cell, providing the balance with high precision and long lifetime;
2. 2 to 3 s respond speed(stabilization Time), full capacity subtraction, digital LCD reading with blue backlight;
3. Aluminum alloy die cast base, stainless steel pan and glass draft shield;
4. Multi Weighing unit conversation g/mg/ct/oz, parts counting, percentage weighing(optional);
5. Over load protection, bubble level adjustment, under hook.

Brand U.S. Solid
Model USS-DBS9
Measurement Unit g, pound, ounce
Max.Capacity 210 g
Min.Capacity 10 mg
Readability 0.1 mg
Linearity ±0.3 mg
Repeatability ±0.2 mg
Settling Time ≤8 sec.
Operating Temperature 17.5 ~ 22.5 °C, fluctuation range < 1 °C/h
Pan Size Φ80 mm
Bubble Level Adjustment Yes
Output Interface RS232/USB
Windshield Size

225 x 220 x 265 mm

195 x 170 x 235 mm(Available Space)

Function Weighing; Part Counting;
Percent Weighing; Under hook
Density Measurement(Optional, not including)
Scope Of Testing 0 - 20.0000 g/cm³
Peeled Range 0 - 20.0000 g/cm³
Measurement Precision 0.1 mg/cm³
Repeat Accuracy ±0.2 mg/cm³
Resolution 0.11 mg/cm³
General Information
Dimensions 340 x 215 x 350 mm
Net Wight 7200 g
Power Supply AC 110-240 V
Universal Adaptor DC: 9 V-2200 mA
Serial No. Yes

Packing List
1 x Scale
1 x English Manual
1 x Universal Adaptor
1 x Weight

Shipping origin China
Processing time 2~4 business days
Shipping time 3~7 business days(Fedex International Economy or DHL)


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