U.S. Solid® 300g 0.1mg Lab Analytical Balance Digital Precision Scale

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This analytical balance provides measurement range 300 g, increment 0.1mg, Repeatability & Linearity ±0.1 mg & ±0.3 mg. Bear simplicity in mind, U.S. Solid analytical balance is designed to be easy to operate, all the setting can be done through the LCD panel(with blue backlight, which is good for your eyes). Let’s have a look at the control panel.

Manual Calibration(Calibrated before sent to you, but you still need to calibrate it when using it due to the gravity, humidity, temperature, etc, can lead to subtle error to the balance. )

Besides the function below, this balance scale also has the function of over load protection, which means that when weight exceeds 50% of the max. value, there will be a line occurs on the top of the LCD panel and the balance will be in the overload protective mode.

Since an analytical balance is fundamental to a lab scientist, a pharmacist, etc, in real work, just considering technical specification is not enough, we also need to consider the effective and reliable weighing. U.S. Solid analytical balance is manufactured strictly under the ISO9001 standards and adopts the Electromagnetic Force Compensation Technology, proving the fast respond time (2-3s) and reliable weighing value.



Brand U.S. Solid
Model USS-DBS11
Measurement Unit g, pound, ct, ounce
Max.Capacity 300 g
Min.Capacity 10 mg
Readability 0.1 mg
Linearity ±0.3 mg
Repeatability ±0.2 mg
Settling Time ≤ 8 sec.
Operating Temperature 17.5 ~ 22.5 °C, fluctuation range < 1 °C/h
Pan Size Φ80 mm
Bubble Level Adjustment Yes
Output Interface RS232/USB
Windshield Size

225 x 220 x 265 mm

195 x 170 x 235 mm(Available Space)

Function Weighing; Part Counting;
Percent Weighing; Under hook
Density Measurement(Optional, not including)
Scope Of Testing 0 - 20.0000 g/cm³
Peeled Range 0 - 20.0000 g/cm³
Measurement Precision 0.1 mg/cm³
Repeat Accuracy ±0.2 mg/cm³
Resolution 0.11 mg/cm³
General Information
Dimensions 340 x 215 x 350 mm
Net Wight 7200 g
Power Supply AC 110-240 V
Universal Adaptor DC: 5 V-2 A
Serial No. Yes

Packing List
1 x Scale
1 x English Manual
1 x Universal Adaptor
1 x Weight

Shipping origin China
Processing time 2~4 business days
Shipping time 3~7 business days(Fedex International Economy or DHL)


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