UV Viewing Cabinet 300nm 254nm 365nm WD-9403C

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UV Viewing Cabinet WD-9403C; Transmission light: 300nm; Reflex: 254nm, 365nm; Filter Size: Transmission Window: 200 x 150 mm, Reflex Window: 190 x 41 mm.

WD-9403C is a basic device for visualizing fluorescence-stained gels. It is suitable for Lab of University or hospital, scientific research organization. The lamp house is UV light transmission lamp house, the wavelength is 300nm. WD-9403C can provide UV light with three different wavelengths. Start speed of the lamps is quick and no stroboscopic lamps during the starting.


1. Compact, versatile and efficient;

2. Dark chamber design;

3. Dark lab is not necessary;

4. Safety for the user;

5. Drawer-mode light boxes, convenient for use;

6. Strong and durable; 

7. Offers 3 wavelength of UV light for different requirements;

8. Simple and easy to use.


The Filter Dimension of the UV light (actual area): 200 x 150 (mm)

Window Radiant Flux Density of UV Light: >= 10 μ W /cm2

Wavelength (UV light): (Reflex) 254 nm, 365 nm and (Transmission) 300 nm

Power of UV light: 254nm: 28 W, 365 nm:28 W, 300 nm: 8 W

The Light Transmission of UV Glass: wavelength of UV (230nm-400nm) >= 40%

Power Source: 220 V ± 22 V; 50 Hz ± 1 Hz

Continuous Working Time: >= 4 hours

Dimensions (L x W x H): 490 x 360 x 430 (mm)

Net weight: about 20 kg


It is an instrument for providing UV light, and for observing and taking the pictures of the electrophoresis results.

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