Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Cell Protein Seperation 95 x 87 mm

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Lab Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Cell System DYCZ-40D; Pore Plate Combination for Transferring Dimension: 95 x 87 mm; Buffer Volume: 400 - 450 ml.


1. Made from high quality acrylic with platinum electrodes;

2. Latches on the gel holder cassette for easy handling;

3. Fast transferring speed and good transferring effect;

4. A seamless, injection-molded transparent buffer tank prevents leakage and breakage;

5. Allows easy orientation for rapid, error free set-up;

6. An efficient design simplifies insertion and removal of the gel holder cassette from supporting body for transfer (electrode assembly);

7. Compatible with the lid and the buffer tank of DYCZ-24DN.


Pore Plate Combination for Transferring Dimensions: 95 x 87 (mm)

Max. Power: 40 W

Continuous working time: >= 24 hours

Buffer volume: about 400 - 450 ml

Size (L x W x H):150 x 100 x 140 (mm)

Weight: about 1 kg


For transferring the protein molecule from the gel to membrane like Nitrocellulose membrane in the Western Blot experiment.

Suitable Power Supply

DYY – 7C, DYY – 10C, DYY – 12C, DYY – 12


You can also only select the transferring core of DYCZ - 40D if you have already bought DYCZ - 24D or DYCZ - 24DN because the external tanks and the lids of these two models are the same.

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