Visible Spectrophotometer 325-1100 nm 2 nm CE L3 Series

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Split Beam Visible Spectrophotometer L3S; WL: 325-1100 nm; 7" Touch Screen.

CE Visible Spectrophotometer 325-1100 nm 2 nm L3 Series

One Year Warranty

CE Certified


The L series of spectrophotometers adopt proportion double beam survey optical system and blazed holographic grating. They have outstanding test precision and very competitive prices.


  • 7 inch color touch screen LCD display, Cutting-edge user interface, Powerful function and easy operation
  • Automated eight-position cell holder facilitates the operation under each measurement mode
  • Powerful functions and great performance in qualitative and quantitative testing, such as full-spectrum scanning, detailed spectrum scanning, time-based kinetics determination, GOTO, linear regression, concentration direct reading, peak/valley detecting and multi-wavelength measurement
  • Designed with sophisticated power protection system
  • With high capacity of internal memory, it can store testing results, scanned images, regression equations and correction data.
  • Fast initialization when power on
  • Can be connected with dedicated printer, which can print testing results, or draw curve from spectral scanning, fixed wavelength, time-based scanning and linear regression
  • With USB interface, it can be connected to a PC, which can not only enhance the performance in data testing and spectrum scanning, but also expand the memory to save more testing results
  • UV Win8 software optional
  • Glass coated, not easily become damp


Model L3 Series (Scanning Function optional)
Operation and Display 7 inch Touch Screen
WL Range (nm) 325 - 1100
Wavelength MPE ± 0.5 nm
WL Repeatability �2 nm
Spectrum Bandwidth 2 nm
Transmittance MPE ± 0.5%T
Transmittance Repeatability �0.2%T
Transmittance Measuring Range 0.0% - 200.0% T
Absorbance Measuring Range - 0.301 - 4.000 A
Stray Light �0.05%T
Drift �0.0009 A/ 0.5h (2h, 500 nm)
Signal Noise 100%T Noise �0.20%T
0%T Noise �0.10%T
Baseline Flatness ± 0.002A (335 - 1090nm)
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz; AC 110 V/ 60 Hz
Gross Weight 20 kg
 Dimension  550 x 430 x 200 mm