Visible Spectrophotometer Lab Equipment 325-1000 nm 4 nm CE N2 Series

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Visible Spectrophotometer Lab Equipment 325-1000nm 4nm 220/110V N2S

CE Certified

One year warranty

Scanning function (optional)


1. 5.6 inch LCD touch-screen display;

2. Highly intelligent operating module and user-friendly interface;

3. Automatic 100%T and 0A;

4. Simple replacement of light source;

5. Concentration factor setup and direct reading of concentration;

6. USB port and UVWin8 PC communication software (optional).

Technical Datas

Model N2 Series
Optical System Single beam (with monitor optical path),
1,200 lines/mm holographic grating
Receiving Component Silicon photocell
Max. Wavelength Deviation ±1 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ≤0.5 nm
Wavelength Range 325 nm ~ 1000 nm
Light Source Tungsten lamp: 12 V 20 W
Baseline Flatness ±0.003 A(335 nm ~ 990 nm)
Drift ≤0.002 A/0.5 h (at 500 nm,after working for 2 hrs)
Min. Spectrum Bandwidth 4 nm ± 0.8 nm
Noise 100% (T)≤0.2% (T); 0% (T)≤0.1% (T)
Stray Light ≤0.1%(at 360 nm)
Absorbance Range -0.391 A~4.000 A
Max. Transmittance Deviation ±0.5%
Transmittance Reproducibility ≤0.2%
Transmittance Range 0.0%~200.0%
Dimensions 480 mm * 370 mm * 200 mm
Netweight 14 kg
Power Supply AC 220 V±22 V, 50 Hz(±1Hz)
AC 110 V±22 V, 60 Hz(±1Hz)

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