Visible Spectrophotometer Lab Equipment 360-1000 nm 4 nm 85-242 V 721N

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Equip your laboratory with a brand new VIS Spectrophotometer, a powerful ally on your road to new discoveries.  

Visible Spectrophotometer Lab Equipment

360-1000 nm 4 nm 85-242 V 721N

One Year Warranty


If you want to have a high quality laboratory, you better be ready to obtain some great quality equipment as well. Visible Spectrophotometer Lab Equipment 360 - 1000 nm 4 nm AC 85-242 V 721N is certainly a device which won’t disappoint you. It has a sample compartment for 5 - 50 mm cells as well as accurate automatic T/A change over.It has an automated both zero and full scale adjustment, plus it is equipped with RS232 port. The name of the model is 721N, its WL range is from 360 to 1000 and its WL accuracy is â‰?2 nm. WL reliability is â‰?1nm and when it comes to Spectrum Bandwidth it is 4nm. The accuracy of transmittance is ± 0.5% (t) (NBS930D) and transmittance repeatability is â‰?0.2% (t). It weighs 14 kilos and its dimensions are 640 x 480 x 340 mm. Lastly, the machine’s instruction manual can be downloaded; all you need to do is scroll below and you certainly will not miss it. We are more than confident that your laboratory deserves a device like this one; therefore, do not hesitate to get your lab what it deserves.


  • Sample compartment for 5 - 50 mm cells
  • Precise automatic T/A changeover
  • Automatic zero and full scale adjustment
  • Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function
  • Equipped with RS232 port
  • Software including
  • Glass coated, not easily become damp


Model   721N
WL Range 360 - 1000 nm
WL Accuracy �2 nm
WL Repeatability �1 nm
Spectrum Bandwidth 4 nm
Transmittance Accuracy ± 0.5% (t) (NBS930D)
Transmittance Repeatability �0.2% (t)
Transmittance Measuring Range 0 - 100 T
Absorbance Measuring Range 0 - 2 A
Stray Light ± 0.15% (t) (at 360 nm, NaNO2)
Drift ± 0.5% (t) / 3 min
Signal Noise 0.2 T%
Printer Optional
RS232 Including
Cell Holder 10 mm
Power Supply AC 85-242 V , 60 Hz
Gross Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 590 × 460 × 340 mm

English Manual Download