Gifts Guide

Posted by admin on Dec 16th 2013


Its holiday time and everybody is excited. Everybody loves gifts but a problem is “How to decide what to give to someone you really love?”
Well, let’s see:
EXPENSIVE GIFTS are usually replacements for emotion, time, and attention or for true communication between parents and children, partners… There’s really no equation sign between love and gifts. Focus on gift’s price detracts attention from its symbolism. You must agree with me that gift is more valued by symbolism.

TO MANY GIFTS shows indifference, short and fleeting satisfaction to gifts. To many gifts kills dreams, wishes and imagination. Take those terms out and giving becomes meaningless, almost empty.
CREATIVE GIFTS speak instead of us. They have a message within. Successful gift satisfies both giver and the receiver.
WRONG GIFTS exist. Like when you want to change somebody personality with gifts. Our child dictionaries are full of honest disappointment for that kind of gifts. For example: “Diet South coast”.
GOOD ADVICE: When you don’t know what to give, start with what you want to receive. Emotional value of a gift is larger than any price. Remember that giving & receiving is one of ways we show to close ones how much we care for them, how much we cherish them.