How to solve "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items."

Posted by admin on Dec 16th 2013

The other day, after we implanted the google language tool for multilanguages, the "my account" page in our website ( starts to show a message shown below and even the sitelock we were using starts to say something not in our favor.

If I am buyer and I got a message like this when I am about to make the payment, I probably will think twice, which is exactly why we were very concerned about this and we thought at first it is some hackers who changed our content. We first contacted sitelock to upgrade our service (some of hundreds of dollars spent...). Problem still existed. Then we realized it might has something to do with the SSL we purchased with godaddy. So their customer services told us there are too many unsecure links on our site which starts with "https" instead of "http" , which is true but it doesn't make any sense since before everything was just fine. I called at least 5 times talking with 5 different reps from godaddy but the answer remains the same. I have to change all the links that we have on the page. Even I explained to them that the links are untouched and we have no problem before, they still insist it is because of the links. When asking which links, I was told there are too many. For example, the "about us" link in the bottom.

So I changed several links to "https" and before I finish the rest 100 links I started to wonder why would l do this if I am sure that they are not the cause of the problem. One of the reps from godaddy mentioned that one type of his browser doesn't have this problem. So I tried to use another IE, not the chrome, and was then popped up with the above shown picture. After I selected to show the secure content only, the google translate part is not showing! When examine the html, a link to the googletranslate site starts with "http" was found. So after changing it to "https", the problem was solved....