Is Joyfay Legit?

Posted by admin on Nov 7th 2016

When I google our name, I find this question suggested by google and interestingly, there are lots of results, more than I expected. Apparently people are concerned about this, so I feel we should write something so our customers have more of an idea of who we are and what we do.

Before answering this question, please allow me to briefly introduce ourselves. As you may have already seen from our about us page, we started our business in 2009 (registered early 2010 in Ohio,see official registration from Ohio Secretary of States) and as of this year, 2016, we have opened our second facility, located in Las Vegas, NV (we are hiring, by the way, see Joyfay job opening in Las Vegas). We started our business by trying to help our customers find the right products at the right prices. Later we realized that there was room for improvement for lots of products, which was why we registered our brands, Joyfay and U.S. Solid and began to inject our own ideas into the design and manufacturing of new products. Currently, we have a dedicated team in Nanjing, China working on sourcing new products and improving current products.

So back to the "Is Joyfay legit?" question. Let's first see what others say.

(1) From, we are given 100 out of 100 as reputation score.

Joyfay reputation score from scamaider.comReputation of Joyfay from

If you click the link above and you will find that address is in Virginia based on the IP address. That is the server's IP which is located on Amazon's cloud service. Our current location is in Cleveland.

(2) From, we are described as legit. See the screenshot below or follow the link.

Joyfay is described as legit by easycounter.comJoyfay is described as legit by

This review is definitely done after some research since it has not only our company name but also my name (Junwei Wang) there. Since I am mentioned, here is a little bit about myself. I graduated as a PhD in chemistry in Prof. Clemens Burda's group at Case Western Reserve University and to save you time from googling our lab site, here it is You may also find my thesis selling as book on eBay and Amazon, which I am not very proud of since there is no sales at all... The other cofounds are also PhDs from Case. Now you probably know why the company is based in Cleveland.

(3) From, I guess the screenshot says all but feel free to follow the link and see more details.

Joyfay reputation based on scamadviser.comJoyfay gets high trust rating from

I am a little surprised that they have quite some details about our company but I am pleased that others are all having high ratings for us.

Now I would like to provide some more info that cannot be easily found over google search.

First, about security. I am sure many buyers are concerned about credit card security. We take this very serious and are constantly checking for security updates and we made a very major change in payment process a few months ago. All our buyers will be transferred to a payment page hosted by when making payment using credit card. This is considered bulletproof because all payment information goes straight to the credit card processor. In addition, we are doing more vigorous review over the potentially fraudulent payments, which is why you may find that some of our customers are complaining their orders were canceled. If your order ever gets canceled, we offer multiple ways to pay. Email us at and we will be happy to help.

Second, about the lack of reviews for our products and customer service. You may find that there are not many reviews for our products. Well, it is very easy for us to create fake reviews since it is our own hosted website. We chose not to do that because we want only true reviews to be shown. However, although we have been sending out emails asking for reviews, hardly any people respond. I would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort to leave us your reviews about our products and service. You are helping us get better at serving all our customers, including yourself. We are also selling on eBay and Amazon. Check out our ratings there (currently 99.6% positive on eBay and 98% positive on Amazon). We are also in the process of applying for google trusted store and hopefully we will be approved in the near future.

Third, about the BBB cases. We did response as best as we can but some of the evidence we provided there were omitted according to their policies. We are truly sorry for the late orders and we are doing everything we can to avoid that from happening. We have more than 64497 orders in the past 365 days and there were bad times such as holidays, severe weathers, careless manufactures or employees when we failed to deliver orders on time... The BBB cases were showing only from a very small portion of our customers and I wish our total number of orders were shown there. There are companies offering us to "polish" our reviews over internet, we didn't do that as that would be unfair to our customers. That being said, there are malicious reviews about our product and brands, obviously from competitors, hurting not only us but all the business ecosystem. Ebay and Amazon have been helpful removing some of those reviews but there are ones that cannot be removed. Luckily, they are relatively rare comparing to all the positive reviews we have, and a great majority of people have faith dealing with us. We will continue to strive for 100% positive, regardless of how hard it can be.

It's been longer an article than I expected so I'd like to stop here for today. I hope this will help you get your answer to the question of whether Joyfay is legit. Thank you for your time and trust. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Updates On December 10th, 2016

google trusted store badge for is google trusted store

The google trusted store badge should now be visible to all US visitor at the right bottom corner like shown above. Once clicked, it shows the reviews for and the following:

Google Certified

$1,000 of free protection offered

Google's help resolving issues

We got our google trusted store badge last year and due to the late shipment for the electric scooters (because of the batteries, interested are advised to go through our previous blogs) we lost the trusted store badge. Since September 2016 we started another round of application and we are happy to announce that we got the badge again. We are striving for extremely satisfied experience to our customers. Please leave us your feedback and if you ever encounter any issues, contact us first and we will be sure to help you. Thank you once again for your support!