National Teddy Bear Day

Posted by admin on Sep 9th 2016


September 9th is the National Teddy Bear Day. Speaking of the Teddy bear, or Teddy's bear, here is a story about President Roosevelt. In 1902, the President was hunting in Mississippi and he refused to kill an old injured bear who was tied by hunting guides. This incident was then widely spread among public, especially after a famous cartoon published by Mr. Clifford Berryman in the Washington Post. Inspired by the event, toy manufactures started to make stuffed bear toys and in no time there had been a craze for this toy. In 1906, the word "Teddy bear" was first used in the October issue of Playthings Magazine.1 A century has passed and the Teddy bear has become every child's companion throughout the world.

Now back to the national day. This is the day to observe our teddy bears in our childhood and based on National Day Calendar2 the way to observe is "Remember your teddy bear and use #NationalTeddyBearDay to post on social media." I was trying to find out when was the first national Teddy Bear Day start but wasn't able to locate that information. If you know that, please let us know by emailing Thank you!

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