Our Giant Teddy Bears Are Amazing, in spite of fairy tales!

Posted by admin on Nov 16th 2017

Dear customers,

We have recently been exposed to less than fair treatment by some of the reviewers who skewed the angle of the camera to portray the legs of our giant teddy bears to appear larger than they really are. This apparent discrepancy has been picked up by some of the main voices in social media as a sign of our dishonesty and the content soon became viral. We are here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about and we have a proof.

First, the facts: The vast majority of reviews are very much positive. We have sold 30,000 Giant Teddy Bears and those customers could have reviewed it as they pleased. They did. The result is 4.5 stars on amazon.

Second: We have noticed those reviews mostly coming from the Christmas season of 2016 and we have in summer on 2016th (after those reviews) redesigned the bear to have shorter legs. We did this to show our understanding and to answer to major change in demographics of our customer base and their changing expectations.

Up until 2011 the vast majority of the demand for giant teddy bears was originating from Valentine’s Day. We answered that demand by designing our first Giant Teddy Bear. This bear’s demographic was narrow and it was mostly boyfriends that were buying giant teddy bears to their girlfriends.

Sometimes as a “replacement” of themselves. Say a soldier deployed to Iraq sends his girlfriend a giant teddy bear. That Cuddly friend is now more appropriately crafted of an adult proportions (longer adult legs) than that of a traditional small teddy bear (baby legs). This design was very successful almost until 2016 when the demographic shifted toward the Giant Teddy Bear as a Christmas gift. This in term shifted people’s expectations as well. Presently, people want to see proportions of a small teddy bear but puffed up to be a giant teddy bear.

As it turns out such teddy bear would not be able to fit in a box that can be shipped via USPS or FedEx and would therefore had to be shipped by freight and that would in return cause many problems.

  1. Delivery time on Christmas, it would be impossible to be delivered on time
  2. Cost, it would cost upward of $300
  3. Prime, we could lose entire customer base on Amazon Prime (2 day delivery).

As an answer to those trends in customer anticipated proportions we decided to maximize the size of the box (cannot be any larger and ship via USPS) and at the same time shorten the legs make the torso larger. We did that in July 2016 yet the negative reviews originate from several months earlier.

Those same obsolete reviews have been elevated to point of fame, which have resulted in this viral response. It seems that our improved product has been less entertaining than a few skewed images. Strictly speaking even the previous product didn’t have the suggested proportions but it was pictured from an unfavorable angle to misrepresent it.

Our customer can be certain that we will stay committed as one of the best Giant Teddy Bears on the market and we will continue to honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee (as we always have). Please trust other 30,000 customers more.

Yours sincerely,

Joyfay Team