Why can't we be friends

Posted by admin on Dec 16th 2013

After running the business for a while, we realized although the majority of people are friendly and understanding, there are always a small percentage of people regarding us as enemies. All we are doing is to steal their money, to fraud them.

For example, we recently sold an item (on a third party website where you cannot specify shipping to every country)to a very far away country and it appears that the shipping to that country cost three times as to shipping to nearby countries. After notifying the buyer, we got a very resentful reply telling us how evil we are and how big a mistake we have made.

We have no problem donating to people that are really in need and in fact we are donating all the time. However, this is not the same situation. This reminds me of an old news long time ago in which a girl lost her purse on her way to work. She realized that not long afterwards and went back to search for it. She found it in a old man’s hand and was pleased to thank him and ready to have it back when the old man, surprisingly, rejected and demanded for money. He claims that he didn’t steal the purse, so he is not obliged to return it. I am not sure how the civil law regulates situations like this, but I guess there must be some readers who are going to hit the ceiling when they see this old man.

Back in 2008, Lenovo made a mistake and sold their computers for 200 dollars less than normal prices. They sold a huge amount of computers in less than 2 hours according to the news. I bet they are still making profit even for that price, however, they cancelled all the orders, and mine was one of them. I did feel disappointed, but I still bought another one from them. After all, we are all human beings and human beings make mistakes.(I recently realized even computers make mistakes) . Rather than to get angry against others honest mistakes, which will not get us to anywhere, why don’t we be more generous and understanding? We all share the same planet and we are strongly dependant to each other, let’s join together to make it a better world.